New AMD and Intel Server CPUs to Cause Enterprise SSD Price Hike
In a somewhat unusual turn of events, AMD and Intel will be shipping their new server processors at roughly the same time. This should cause a sales and price spike for enterprise solid-state drives. TrendForce, a Taiwanese market research firm specializing in the memory market, estimates a 15% i
Graphics Card Prices Set to Fall Amid Lower Demand
The COVID-19 pandemic drove demand for PC hardware to unprecedented levels, making it difficult for manufacturers to keep up. This caused a spike in prices of high-end graphics cards throughout recent quarters. However, the latest projections indicate that customers will soon be able to purchase gra
PC Hardware Market on Road to Recovery
Gaming hardware manufacturers have struggled to meet a spike in demand that was brought on by consumers being confined to their homes amid the COVID19 pandemic. Additionally, the estimated number of gamers around the world in 2020 stood at 2.69 billion. According to a recent report by Jon Peddie
Valve’s Gaming Handheld Steam Deck Shipping in December
Valve is set to start shipping its new handheld gaming console, Steam Deck, in December of this year. The company already opened reservations on July 16 for three different models. Valve partnered with AMD in developing hardware for this device, which is powered by AMD APU containing a quad-core
Seagate Unveils Blazing Fast NVMe SSD
The fourth generation of NVMe SSDs has been unveiled by Seagate, and the drive beat all of its predecessors in speed tests. Set to be launched in a variety of flavors, the FireCuda 530 marks a significant upgrade from the Gen3 SSD era. During tests, the SSD managed to reach sequential read speeds
Chip Shortage to Strike OLED-Screen TVs and Phones
Samsung and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), the biggest global manufacturers of OLED chips, have reached a sales volume of 100 billion chips in April. As demand has reached a new peak, they increased their production of all chip types, but both companies are now overwhelmed. As a
Another 0-Day Vulnerability Found in Western Digital Products
Just weeks after a bug allowed hackers to remotely wipe the data from MyBook Live network storage drives, cybersecurity researchers revealed another zero-day flaw present in Western Digital products running MyCloud OS 3. The products in question are network-attached storage drives, which differ f
Server Chip Shortage Might Last Through 2021
It seems that worldwide chip shortage woes will continue through the rest of 2021. According to a DigiTimes report, the shortages in the production of server chips won’t subside until Q4 2021 or even Q1 2022. The shortage caused massive delays in an array of industries, ranging from CPUs and GP
Elsa Announces LED-less GeForce RTX 3060 SAC/L
Elsa Japan has just announced a new GeForce RTX 3060 SAC/L graphics card. The card features a minimalistic matte black look with 12GB of RAM and Elsa’s proprietary SAC 4 Evolution cooler. Elsa’s new RTX 3060 is all about performance, doing away with the flashiness we grew accustomed to with n