Tokyo Olympics Opening Was a Gamer’s Dream
Video games played an important role during the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics on Friday, July 23. This Friday, millions of people all around the world tuned into the long-awaited Olympic Games opening ceremony. Gamers among them were pleasantly surprised - the music picked for the openin
Hans Zimmer Now Composing Smartphone Ringtones
When you’re a world-class music composer with numerous Academy awards under your belt, there’s really only one frontier left to conquer. Mobile ringtones. Hans Zimmer, probably the most prolific movie composer of all time, has signed a contract with OPPO, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer. Un
The Row Continues as Facebook Bans News From Australia
The tension between tech giants and the Australian government has been brewing for a while now. This week, Facebook sent a powerful message and took things to the next level by banning both local and international news from its platform in Australia. As of Wednesday, Australians can no longer fin
Netflix: The Shuffle Play Button Is Here to Stay
Want to spin the Netflix wheel of fortune? Very soon, you might be able to do so by hitting the Shuffle Play button, as Netflix recently announced in its latest financial report. The new feature started with a test phase under the working title of “Play Something.” It caught a lot of users off g
Two Apple Series Renewed For Second Season Ahead of Debut
Two Apple TV+ series got the green light for a second season as the tech giant doubles down on its commitment to the streaming market.  Apple announced that it was renewing Home Before Dark and Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet for another season before the series even premiered. The move has been
Streaming Platforms Dominate Gold Globe Awards
Streaming platforms appear to have stolen the limelight at this year’s Golden Globes Awards with dozens of nominations and a number of wins.  Although streaming giant Netflix only made its way onto the awards stage twice, it received 34 nominations.  But the real stars of the night were Di
Slavic Fantasy Series the Witcher Drops on Netflix
Netflix's TV adaptation of Andrzej Sapkowski’s The Witcher made its debut on December 20.  The new series featuring mutants, monsters, magic and complex political intrigue is based on Sapkowski’s Polish novels, which also inspired a beloved video game trilogy. The plot revolves around the w
‘Joker’ Director’s Back-End Deal Could Be Worth $150 Million
“Joker” director Todd Phillips was sufficiently confident in the film to turn down an upfront salary, sources say, opting instead for a percentage of the film’s “back end” reportedly 10 to 13%. “Joker” is the most successful superhero movie ever to hit the theaters, so Phillips’s
FX prepares creepy new take on ‘A Christmas Carol’
A hot new interpretation of a classic like Dickens’s “A Christmas Carol” seems unlikely, but “Peaky Blinders” creator Steven Knight (Locke, Serenity), and director Nick Murphy (The Awakening) intend to give it a shot. “Tonight you will not sleep,” says Andy Serkis as the Ghost of Ch