Best Buy Stocks up on Electric Bikes and Scooters

Posted: March 04,2024

Best Buy Stocks up on Electric Bikes and Scooters

Best Buy, one of the biggest retail chains in America, has expanded its offering with an assortment of e-bikes and other electric street rides. 

Customers will now be able to find the best electric scooters, mopeds, and more on Best Buy’s website. The selection includes vehicles from Segway, Unagi, Razer, and others, all neatly packed into the Electric Transportation category on the retailer’s webshop.

Customers that prefer purchasing their gadgets in person won’t have to wait long before e-scooters arrive at Best Buy’s retail locations. Come October, ten Best Buy stores - located in Austin, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Tampa, Puerto Rico, San Francisco, Seattle, and Orlando - will have electric scooters and mopeds as part of their regular stock. Both retail and online stores will also carry various safety equipment, so the riders stay protected on the road.

It’s no wonder Best Buy has decided to carry e-scooters. Small electric vehicles like scooters and bikes have become one of the hottest gadgets on the market during the pandemic years. Not even smartwatches can compete with them anymore (well, perhaps budget smartwatches, simply due to their affordable) price points. These are the gadgets to have if you want to be perceived as a tech-savvy person these days.

The retailer’s move could create another significant uptick in sales. Most manufacturers sell their scooters directly to consumers, so anyone looking to check the devices out in person and before purchasing is out of luck. Best Buy is also offering additional at-home support for electric rideables through its Geek Squad service.

For $99, you can have your ride professionally set up and brakes tightened to your liking, all without having to lift a finger. On top of that, Best Buy’s Labor Day sale will include some of these electrics, and, according to the company, there will be discounts of up to $300.

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