Global Smartphone Sales Recovering, Up 26% in Q1 2021
According to Gartner Inc, pent-up demand and improved purchasing power led to a 26% increase in global smartphone sales in the first quarter of 2021. After the pandemic-stricken industry went through a steep decline, total mobile phone sales grew 22% over the year. “The improvement in consumer
Walmart To Deliver Over 740,000 Smartphones to Employees
Walmart plans to provide more than 740,000 of its US store workers with free Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro smartphones, complete with cases and protection plans. The company is also launching a Me@Walmart app to help them streamline their daily tasks. The free phones currently retail for $499.99 and
Mockups of Popular Android Apps Infect Phones With Malware
According to a Bitdefender report from June 1, hackers are using malicious Android app lookalikes to spread dangerous malware. These malware apps usually mimic real apps that have over 50 million downloads to trick their users. DHL, VLC media player, and Kaspersky antivirus are popular choices. C
LG No Longer Manufacturing Phones
On May 31, the South Korean tech giant LG manufactured its last phone and shut down the smartphone production line for good. This information comes from Asia Business Daily, whose report explains that LG was just fulfilling its contracts in months before finally pulling the plug on its phone manu
Samsung and LG Start Production of 120 Hz iPhone 13 Screens
After many rumors and delays, we’ll finally see an iPhone generation with 120 Hz screens, thanks to Samsung and LG. According to a report from The Elec, both Samsung and LG are working with Apple to provide new display technology for the upcoming iPhone 13. The panels are, of course, based on O
New Honor Smartphones Will Have Google Mobile Services Pre-Installed
A Twitter reply by Honor Germany has revealed that new Honor smartphones, starting from the Honor 50, will launch with Google Mobile Services (GMS) and applications pre-installed. After the US imposed a ban on Huawei that prevented it from offering GMS, the Chinese company sold off its Honor subsidi
Android 12 To Introduce Wireless Car Key Feature
With its latest mobile OS, Google is turning our smartphones into digital car keys. The tech giant unveiled the concept, developed in collaboration with the car manufacturer BMW, at the 2021 Google I/O developer event. The two companies will make the new generation of cars compatible with the dig
Samsung Unveils New Generation of Foldable Devices
Folding your Samsung phone just once is so 2019. How about folding it twice? The idea is exactly what Samsung presented at the annual Display Week conference. After managing to fold an OLED screen into two segments back in 2019, the South Korean tech giant has apparently found a way to turn a pho
NexusTouch Sensors Will Make You Feel Every Gesture on Your Phone
Ever wanted to feel every swipe and tap on your phone? Apparently, NexusTouch sensors from Boréas Technologies will make that possible very soon. Penned as the “next era of smartphone experience,” the technology produces haptic feedback, which should allow for localized feedback and virtual
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