Elsa Announces LED-less GeForce RTX 3060 SAC/L
Elsa Japan has just announced a new GeForce RTX 3060 SAC/L graphics card. The card features a minimalistic matte black look with 12GB of RAM and Elsa’s proprietary SAC 4 Evolution cooler. Elsa’s new RTX 3060 is all about performance, doing away with the flashiness we grew accustomed to with n
Seagate Unveils Blazing Fast NVMe SSD
The fourth generation of NVMe SSDs has been unveiled by Seagate, and the drive beat all of its predecessors in speed tests. Set to be launched in a variety of flavors, the FireCuda 530 marks a significant upgrade from the Gen3 SSD era. During tests, the SSD managed to reach sequential read speeds
NVIDIA Prioritizes RTX 30 Series, Winds Down 2060 Production
According to a post from the Board Channel forums at ITHome, NVIDIA is pushing the production of its Ampere series of graphics cards at the expense of its older models. Apparently, the company announced internally that the supply of RTX 2060s would be cut down in half, starting from June. The number
Google to Obey EU and Increase Search Provider Visibility
Google is now bound to follow EU demands after facing criticism over its lack of compliance with the European Commission’s 2018 order to offer more space to rivals. The search giant will now display more mobile search apps on its Android Choice Screen and eliminate the fee previously required to a
NVMe 2.0 Offers PCIe Hard Drive Support
NVM Express, Inc. has released a new non-volatile memory express 2.0 specification on June 3, 2021, bringing NVMe support to PCIe-connected hard drives. While it won’t help most hard drives right now, the specification could soon unify most future storage devices under one NVMe solution. Due to
Graphene Enables 10 Times Higher Data Storage on Hard Drives
A study by Graphene Flagship partner researchers has recently shown that graphene can be used to make ultrahigh-density hard disk drives with 10 terabits per square inch of magnetic data storage - 10 times more than current hard drives have. Cambridge Graphene Center study author Anna Ott said that
AMD Pushes Against NVIDIA With New Laptop GPU Lineup
On June 1, 2021, at Computex, AMD unveiled a new RX 6000M laptop graphics card series. The company claims they perform just as well as NVIDIA’s RTX 3070 and RTX 3080 cards, or better. AMD’s new graphics lineup uses the RDNA 2 architecture and will release three mobile GPU chips for demanding gam
AMD To Launch FidelityFX Technology Later This Month
AMD is making its long-awaited FidelityFX technology available on June 22. The so-called super-sampling technology is a direct rival to Nvidia’s DLSS and it’s designed to drastically improve the performance in PC games without sacrificing the level of detail. AMD claims this technology can do
Chip Shortage Forces AMD to Pivot Away From Budget Processors
As the semiconductor industry reels from shortages caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, AMD is struggling to meet CPU demand. The company is responding to the crisis by prioritizing high-end CPUs and GPUs for the commercial market rather than budget chips for PCs. Speaking at an investor event hosted