Corsair Announces the iCue LS100 Smart LED Strips

Posted: June 16,2024

Corsair Announces the iCue LS100 Smart LED Strips

Corsair Components has introduced a line of smart LED strips to provide ambient lighting for PCs and media installations.

Corsair’s LS100 smart lighting strips use the company’s iCUE software to customize and synchronize lighting effects.

The $120 LS100 starter kit includes a controller, two 27-LED 450 mm lighting strips, two 15-LED 250 mm lighting strips, a 5-volt adapter, and extension cables for connecting with micro USB and RGB ports.

The idea is that you use adhesive-backed magnetic fasteners to attach the lighting strips to the back of your monitor or television set. Corsair’s iCUE software takes input from your PC or multimedia installation to create coordinated four-color light shows on the LED strips, which light up the wall behind your screen, creating a halo effect.

Expansion models are available to extend and enhance ambient lighting.

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