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The One OS to Rule Them All – 33 Android vs iOS Market Share Stats
In the past decade, the Android vs iOS market share debate has become a hot topic in the tech world. Two massive companies with billions of consumers worldwide. Two diametrically opposed approaches towards how operating systems should work. Google may be a part of Alphabet, but in America “A” st
Smartphone Snapshot: Mobile vs Desktop Usage Statistics Today
The problem is we still call them phones. These days the smart devices that fit in our pockets can do nearly everything. Beat you at chess? Check. Suggest the best bars around? Yep. Give medical advice after you’ve had a bit too much at said bar? Sure. Help you find your soulmate? Why, of course!
Instagram Engagement Rate Statistics – Somebody’s Watching You
One of the main metrics all companies want to know when analyzing their social marketing results is their Instagram engagement rate. But many marketers ask themselves: What is considered a good engagement rate on Instagram? If you belong to this group then look no further, because we’ve compiled t
How Many Websites Are There Today? – and Other Website Statistics
The creation of the internet dates back to the ‘60s when a bunch of scientists were tasked with connecting a couple of computers into a network. However, the internet’s true “big bang” took place in the ‘90s, when the World Wide Web Consortium arrived on the scene. [post_snippet] Tod
30 Automation Statistics for The New Decade
Robots. AI. Technology replacing humans in the workplace. When they’re not scaring us with doomsday predictions about climate catastrophes, mutated viruses or nuclear holocausts, newspapers love to pull out the good old robots and electric cars are taking over our jobs routine. What do automation
Facial Recognition Statistics That Prove We Are Living in the Matrix
Just like voice search, facial recognition is one of those AI obstacles that are very hard to conquer. Early AI systems tried and failed to match names and faces while easily solving lesser problems like navigating ballistic missiles, calculating complex weather patterns, and beating grand masters a
How Many Users Does Instagram Have? and Other Instagram Statistics
Instagram. Isntagram. Instigram. Imstagram. Instargram. One of the most commonly misspelled social networks ironically got its name with the idea of being easy to spell and pronounce. A portmanteau of “instant camera” and “telegram,” Instagram’s aim was to provide a platform where snapping
Is Big Navi Finally Here? EEC Registration Fuels Speculation
The highly anticipated “Nvidia killer” Radeon RX 5950XT and other high end AMD graphics cards could be dropping sooner than expected. A slew of AMD graphics cards popped up on the official Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) regulatory website earlier this week. These include the yet unrelease
How Many Users Does Facebook Have? Friends, Facts, and Figures
No one had ever heard of a facebook before 2003 - except at Harvard. Harvard’s 12 houses - Ivy League versions of Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin - published printed books of student photos at the beginning of each school year - “face books.” Sophomore Mark Zuckerberg put the photos on