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Slavic Fantasy Series the Witcher Drops on Netflix
Netflix's TV adaptation of Andrzej Sapkowski’s The Witcher made its debut on December 20.  The new series featuring mutants, monsters, magic and complex political intrigue is based on Sapkowski’s Polish novels, which also inspired a beloved video game trilogy.
Warcraft III Reforged Pushed Back to January 2020
The release date of the eagerly anticipated Warcraft III: Reforged has been pushed back to January 28, 2020.  The latest chapter of Blizzard’s classic was originally set for 2019 but the game developer recently announced th
The Evolution of Chat: WeChat Statistics for a New Era
你好,西方间谍!欢迎来到我们辉煌的选择惊人的微信统计! If you didn’t catch any of that, chances are you are not the primary target demographic contributing to the rapid rise of one of the world’s biggest social networking ecosystems. Or my Chinese needs a serious br
37 Google Search Statistics You Should Know in 2020
Google. Yours truly. We’ve both come a long way since 1999. Back then it took Google a month to crawl and index 50 million pages. It took me at least half an hour to crawl home after a big night out. By 2012, Google was doing its thing in less than a minute, and I’ve come to appreciate toning it
Selfies, Celebs, and Stories – Oh My! 30 Shocking Snapchat Statistics
Ever since the internet’s humble beginnings we have found ways to embarrass ourselves online. After all, what better way to herald a new age of enlightenment than by flooding the internet with pictures and videos that you’ll soon wish you’d never taken in the first place? [post_snippet]
ReShade 4.5 boosts DirectX 12 & Vulkan performance
A new version of the popular post-processing tool ReShade made its debut last week, unveiling numerous performance optimizations and tweaks. According to the tool’s creator, Crosire, ReShade 4.5 is aimed at improving performance using both DirectX 12 and Vulkan APIs
25 Marketing Automation Statistics You Need to Be Aware Of
It wasn't pleasant joining the ranks of marketing automation statistics in 2005. Just ask Sean Lane. His purchase of a surprise Christmas present - a diamond ring - was promoted without his consent or knowledge to all his Facebook friends. That included his wife, who promptly called to not-so-gently
‘Joker’ Director’s Back-End Deal Could Be Worth $150 Million
“Joker” director Todd Phillips was sufficiently confident in the film to turn down an upfront salary, sources say, opting instead for a percentage of the film’s “back end” reportedly 10 to 13%. “Joker” is the mos
FX prepares creepy new take on ‘A Christmas Carol’
A hot new interpretation of a classic like Dickens’s “A Christmas Carol” seems unlikely, but “Peaky Blinders” creator Steven Knight (Locke, Serenity), and director Nick Murphy (The Awakening) intend to give it a shot.