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The One OS to Rule Them All – 33 Android vs iOS Market Share Stats
In the past decade, the Android vs iOS market share debate has become a hot topic in the tech world. Two massive companies with billions of consumers worldwide. Two diametrically opposed approaches towards how operating systems should work. Google may be a part of Alphabet, but in America “A” st
Smartphone Snapshot: Mobile vs Desktop Usage Statistics Today
The problem is we still call them phones. These days the smart devices that fit in our pockets can do nearly everything. Beat you at chess? Check. Suggest the best bars around? Yep. Give medical advice after you’ve had a bit too much at said bar? Sure. Help you find your soulmate? Why, of course!
How Many Users Does Instagram Have? and Other Instagram Statistics
Instagram. Isntagram. Instigram. Imstagram. Instargram. One of the most commonly misspelled social networks ironically got its name with the idea of being easy to spell and pronounce. A portmanteau of “instant camera” and “telegram,” Instagram’s aim was to provide a platform where snapping
Is Big Navi Finally Here? EEC Registration Fuels Speculation
The highly anticipated “Nvidia killer” Radeon RX 5950XT and other high end AMD graphics cards could be dropping sooner than expected. A slew of AMD graphics cards popped up on the official Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) regulatory website earlier this week. These include the yet unrelease
How Many Users Does Facebook Have? Friends, Facts, and Figures
No one had ever heard of a facebook before 2003 - except at Harvard. Harvard’s 12 houses - Ivy League versions of Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin - published printed books of student photos at the beginning of each school year - “face books.” Sophomore Mark Zuckerberg put the photos on
How Many Users Does LinkedIn Have? – and Other LinkedIn Stats
Hygiene is important. Most of us brush our teeth, wash our clothes, and take regular showers as part of our daily routines. What about our employment profile hygiene, though? Enter LinkedIn. Prior to its inception in 2003, the majority of job seekers in the world would be that guy who puts on col
End of the Line For Windows 7 As Microsoft Officially Cuts Support
Microsoft pulled the plug on its decade-old and most popular operating system. As of January 14, the tech giant is no longer offering technical assistance or software updates for Windows 7.      Microsoft promised ten years of product support for the OS when it was initially released in Octo
Microsoft to present new Xbox at E3 2020, Sony skips the event again
Microsoft will be unveiling its upcoming Xbox X console at the 2020 edition of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, while Sony is skipping the event for a second year in a row.  On Monday, Xbox head Phil Spencer confirmed that his “team is hard at work on E3,” which is slated to be held betwee
Google Claims Its AI Better Than Doctors at Detecting Breast Cancer
Google is claiming that it developed an artificial intelligence system that is capable of detecting breast cancer more accurately than certified medical professionals.   A study published in the scientific journal Nature earlier this week, which was developed through a collaboration between Goo