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New Versions of Razer’s Gaming Chairs Now Available

Posted: June 16,2024

New Versions of Razer’s Gaming Chairs Now Available

Razer is introducing new versions of its gaming chairs, with the most notable changes in materials and size that are bound to impress. A new version of its original Iskur gaming chair, Iskur Fabric, offers a plush feel from its soft fabric, adjustable lumbar support, customizable armrests, and high-density foam cushions.

The whole chair series is built for premium comfort, which means premium prices too - this chair is more expensive than many other gaming chairs available on the market. The plush version of the original Iskur chair currently sells for $499.

However, the company also included players of different sizes in the production plans, and both Iskur and Iskur fabric now come in XL sizes. This chair supports gamers up to 6’8” (208 cm) in height and up to 396 lbs (180 kg) in weight. The XL throne costs $599.

Both options are available for sale at RazerStore locations, Razer.com, and in selected retailers.

Apart from these welcome changes in its seating selection, Razer also introduced several other accessories any gamer would want to have. Razer launched the Razer Barracuda X Gaming Headset a month ago. This lightweight wireless headset is fully compatible with PCs, PlayStation 5’s Tempest 3D AudioTech, Nintendo Switch, and Android. It is available on Razer.com for $99.

Another notable Razer’s product is the Orochi V2 gaming mouse, the ultra-light wireless device with an impressive battery. It is another innovation that saw the light of day fairly recently, and its promised 950 hours of battery life are more than worth its price of $69.99.

Apart from impressive new products, Razer is part of many admirable environmental initiatives. Its partnership with Clearbot allowed Razer to create autonomous trash-collecting boats to help clean the oceans. In March this year, Razer also set another important goal - being carbon neutral by 2030. Its initiative to save trees with the help of Sneki Snek merchandise is proving to be a success, too. Hopefully, Razer’s customers will soon experience its products arriving in biodegradable packaging.

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