Ivan’s first brush with tech was as a little baby mashing the keys of his dad’s ZX Spectrum. He got his first PC in 1993 and has been an avid gamer and tech nerd ever since. After earning cool-sounding and possibly useful degrees in music and management, he worked as an itinerant English professor, piano teacher, translator, and proofreader. He kept writing and talking tech along the way. His favorite subjects include video games, software, and new gadgets.
Rocket Languages Review
Rocket Languages emphasizes learning a new language in a way that trains you to speak like a local.
Backblaze Review
Backblaze’s main claim to fame is that it provides unlimited storage space, but the company has other tricks up its sleeve as well.
GlassWire Review
Join us for our GlassWire and see how this could be the perfect firewall product to help you remain in control of your devices and know exactly how they work. 
Parallels Review
Parallels is ideal for all those that want to show off their fancy Macbook Pro while benefiting from Windows-only apps such as Autohotkey or Paint.
Driver Booster Review
While Driver Booster is a speed booster of sorts, its most significant function is to keep your computer drivers up to date.
iDrive Review
Our iDrive review dives deep into one of the most popular pieces of software for making sure that you never lose a file again.
Dashlane Review
Dashlane is a surprisingly handy piece of software can save you plenty of headaches when it comes to memorizing passwords.
Avast VPN review
Avast Secureline VPN is a subscription based service that comes from one of the more prominent names in the world of cyber security. 
43 Useful Online Banking Statistics – All About Mobile Money!
The pervasiveness of digital banking is evidence that the Web has gained enough credibility to make ordinary people feel comfortable moving their money around without involving cash or paper checks. Sooner or later, we will subconsciously get rid of the modifier and simply refer to “digital bankin
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