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41 Voice Search Statistics You Need to Hear in 2020
Voice search, digital assistants and smart speakers are buzzwords we’ve been hearing a lot over the past decade. But the industry that helps you stay lazy has been around for longer than that. Back in 1962, the world was impressed with IBM’s Shoebox being able to recognize 16 spoken words and di
Microsoft to Make Installing & Updating Drivers Easier on Windows 10
The next big update for Windows 10 will make it easier for users to find and install optional drivers for their software. Microsoft announced the feature as part of the Build 19356, which is expected to arrive on our PCs sometime in the first half of 2020. Windows 10 already comes with automatic
eCommerce Statistics & the Industry’s Vibrant Future
It used to be that if you wanted something really badly, you’d write a letter to the North Pole. Also, ideally you’d be under the age of 12 and well-behaved all year. These days we have Amazon, Aliexpress. and eBay. You don’t have to write a letter. You don’t have to be good. All you need
Long-Awaited Black Mesa: Xen Released On Steam
The long-awaited remake of one of the most beloved video games of all time is finally available. The newly released Black Mesa: Xen update brings the final levels of Crowbar Initiative’s ambitious remake of Valve’s Half Life to Steam.  Black Mesa is a fan-made remake that has been in the wor
Google Hopes to Revitalize Streaming Service With Typhoon Studios
Another day, another Google acquisition. The newest addition to the Google family is Typhoon Studios, which joins Google’s Stadia cloud-based streaming system for games. The move is meant to grow the pool of available games on Stadia - a struggling video game streaming service launched in November
Samsung S10 Lite Specs Leaked Before CES 2020
The upcoming ‘lite’ version of Samsung’s much acclaimed S10 model has had its specs and price leaked online by German website WinFuture.de. This is one of the many leaks that both S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite models have been subject to ahead of their rumored reveal at CES 2020. The world’s lar
Slavic Fantasy Series the Witcher Drops on Netflix
Netflix's TV adaptation of Andrzej Sapkowski’s The Witcher made its debut on December 20.  The new series featuring mutants, monsters, magic and complex political intrigue is based on Sapkowski’s Polish novels, which also inspired a beloved video game trilogy. The plot revolves around the w
Warcraft III Reforged Pushed Back to January 2020
The release date of the eagerly anticipated Warcraft III: Reforged has been pushed back to January 28, 2020.  The latest chapter of Blizzard’s classic was originally set for 2019 but the game developer recently announced that it needed a little bit more time “for finishing touches.” “
The Evolution of Chat: WeChat Statistics for a New Era
你好,西方间谍!欢迎来到我们辉煌的选择惊人的微信统计! If you didn’t catch any of that, chances are you are not the primary target demographic contributing to the rapid rise of one of the world’s biggest social networking ecosystems. Or my Chinese needs a serious br