Seagate Unveils Blazing Fast NVMe SSD

Posted: May 27,2024

Seagate Unveils Blazing Fast NVMe SSD

The fourth generation of NVMe SSDs has been unveiled by Seagate, and the drive beat all of its predecessors in speed tests.

Set to be launched in a variety of flavors, the FireCuda 530 marks a significant upgrade from the Gen3 SSD era. During tests, the SSD managed to reach sequential read speeds of 7,300 MB/s. That’s twice the speed of the previous generation, which was already impressive and a massive upgrade for PC performance. Compared to SATA drives, the Gen4 NVMe is 12 times faster. So, if you need to move your Steam folder to a new drive, the transfer will be lighting fast.

Surprisingly, it’s not going to be an expensive drive, at least if you’re not looking for more than 1 TB of capacity. For the smallest option (500 GB drive), you’ll need to dish out $139.99, which is just slightly pricier than some of the current SSDs.

A terabyte model costs $239.99, and a 2 TB version is $489.99. Meanwhile, the biggest 4 TB model costs $949.99. Whichever model you go with, Seagate includes a Rescue Data Recovery Service plan, SeaTools, and a DiscWizard for free with your purchase. If you want some extra cooling for your drive, there will be versions with EKWB heatsink installed. They’re slightly pricier, starting at $159.99 for the 500 GB and going up to $999.99 for the highest capacity drive.

Seagate’s latest tech isn’t just fast. It’s also very durable. The manufacturer claims the drive has a lifetime of 1.8 million hours and 5,100 TBW. In practice, that means that you can fill up your drive to 70% of its capacity, delete everything, and then keep repeating that process every day for the next five years. Incidentally, that’s the length of the drive’s warranty.

Whether you’re a gamer, streamer, or video editor, this is likely to be a perfect upgrade for your rig. Seagate announced the drives will be available this summer.

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