Apple Music for Business Lets Retail Shops Play Licensed Tunes

Posted: March 04,2024

Apple Music for Business Lets Retail Shops Play Licensed Tunes

Goodbye, elevator music. The tunes played in retail shops are about to get an upgrade.

Apple has announced Apple Music for Business, a program that will allow businesses to access licensed music to play in retail stores. Apple Music for Business grants access to various human-made playlists as well as custom playlists tailored for specific businesses.

Apple Music for Business is not the first project intended to provide licensed music to retailers. Launched in 2014, Soundtrack Your Brand reached the US market back in 2016. But it is not widely used.

Apple is partnering with PlayNetwork for this program, which is currently undergoing testing. The Wall Street Journal reports that Harrods and Levi Strauss were among the first companies to test the Apple Music for Business program and that Apple has subsequently signed an additional 25 businesses. 

Although Apple has not disclosed pricing for this service, company watchers predict it will cost $25 to $35 per month for each retail location. Businesses that are part of the program can display Apple Music for Business ads and generate revenue through affiliate links if anyone signs up through these advertisements. 

Music for Business relies on Apple’s proprietary iOS app and CURIOPlayer Z8 music players. Besides delivering human-curated playlists and custom playlists for specific businesses, it also allows customers to identify tracks that are played in retail locations.

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