Facebook Building Its Own OS to End Dependence on Android

Posted: June 15,2024

Facebook Building Its Own OS to End Dependence on Android

Facebook is reportedly working on building its own operating system in an effort to end its dependence on Google’s Android.

The social media giant currently uses Android to operate its hardware products but is becoming increasingly uncomfortable with relying on its main competitor to power its devices.  

Facebook vice president of hardware Andrew Bosworth said in a recent interview that the company no longer feels that it can “trust” its competitors to provide the foundation of its tech products.

Facebook also worries that a potential disagreement with Google could disrupt the planned roadmap for future hardware products such as augmented reality glasses. The company plans to use its new OS for the AR glasses (Orion), VR headset (Oculus), and video calling devices (Portal). 

However, the company has a history with a string of overly ambitious and unsuccessful projects, giving way to concerns about whether its latest endeavor will succeed.   

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