Since he first realized a paper-cup phone gives a better signal when covered in tin foil, Damjan has known that his future will be connected to communications and encryption. A SIGINT specialist and counterintelligence expert here at KommandoTech, Damjan is on a constant hunt for the best smartphones and other communication devices. In his spare time he enjoys beer, parties, and music.
Samsung Reports Massive Q1 Profits
Despite the global chip shortage, Samsung Electronics has seen its profits rise 44% year-on-year during the first quarter of 2021.  The Korean tech giant has recently released its new fiscal report where it estimates that the
Call of Duty Games Shed 30 GB in Size
Let our hard drives breathe a collective sigh of relief: After an upcoming update, Call of Duty will loosen its grip on our poor storage space. Activision’s
Online-Only Game With No Online Content Cracked on Day One
Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time, which launched on PC on March 26 as an online-only single-player game, got cracked the very next day. The game was
Terraria Passes 35 Million Sales Across All Platforms
The popular sandbox adventure game has now sold over 35 million copies across all gaming platforms PC users have bought 17.2 million copies, mobile gamers contributed another 9.3 million, while 8.5 million copies were sold on various console platforms. 
Star Citizen Breaks Crowdfunding Records While in Development
Star Citizen has once again reached an extraordinary milestone in crowdfunding, even though a definitive release date hasn’t been announced. As of March 2021, Star Citizen has officially
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