Hans Zimmer Now Composing Smartphone Ringtones
When you’re a world-class music composer with numerous Academy awards under your belt, there’s really only one frontier left to conquer. Mobile ringtones. Hans Zimmer, probably the most prolific movie composer of all time, has signed a contract with OPPO, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer. Un
Apple Concedes to Russia: App Store to Feature Local Apps for Russian iPhone Users
Apple has yielded to requirements set by Russia, allowing the installation of Russian software on iPhones. According to a Russian law that comes into effect in April 2021, all smart devices such as computers, smart TVs, and smartphones have to come pre-installed with software developed in Russia.
LG Stepping Away from Smartphone Market
LG Electronics Inc. (LG) has announced the closure of its mobile phone businesses worldwide. The board of directors confirmed the decision on Monday, marking the company’s shift in focus towards other technologies. LG will now concentrate on growth in other areas such as IoT devices, robotics, sma
Pre-Installed Malware Found on US Government-Funded Smartphones
Android smartphones offered through a US government initiative for low-income users came with pre-installed Chinese malware.  Researchers at Malwarebytes Labs found that the $35 UMX U683CL smartphone came with two variants of malware - one that can collect data and install software without user
Facebook Building Its Own OS to End Dependence on Android
Facebook is reportedly working on building its own operating system in an effort to end its dependence on Google’s Android. The social media giant currently uses Android to operate its hardware products but is becoming increasingly uncomfortable with relying on its main competitor to power its
Samsung S10 Lite Specs Leaked Before CES 2020
The upcoming ‘lite’ version of Samsung’s much acclaimed S10 model has had its specs and price leaked online by German website WinFuture.de. This is one of the many leaks that both S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite models have been subject to ahead of their rumored reveal at CES 2020. The world’s lar
Samsung leaks reveal specs, design for Galaxy S11 and S11e
It never rains but it pours. Or in Samsung’s case, it leaks. Just days after renders of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S11 were leaked online, images of the cheaper variant appeared as well. The leak reveals that the S11e will have triple rear cameras, no headphone jack, and a center-aligned punch
Android security flaw allowed unauthorized video recording
On November 19, cybersecurity firm Checkmarx revealed that months earlier it had uncovered an Android flaw allowing attackers to record and access audio and video through a smartphone without the user’s knowledge. Checkmarx notified Google about the flaw in July and it has since been fixed. How
Apple removes apps after researchers unearth 42 vaping deaths
On Friday, November 15, Apple announced that it is pulling all 181 vape-related apps from the Apple Store. Vaping became popular as a healthy alternative to smoking. Recent research suggests the practice is at least as dangerous, however. Apple’s move comes in the wake of growing public concern
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