Motorola Just Announced Its Foldable Phone: Motorola Razr

Posted: June 15,2024

Motorola Just Announced Its Foldable Phone: Motorola Razr

Another thing you didn’t know you wanted but the marketing experts did: Flip phones are making a comeback.

Slated for availability in the first quarter of 2020, Motorola’s Razr is the latest entry in what has suddenly become a crowded market. The foldable phone will sell for an estimated $1,500.

Motorola is not the first to dabble with a foldable form factor. Samsung beat Motorola to the punch with its $2,000 Galaxy Fold. This addition to the flip family is coming in early 2020 but will be available for preorder in December. 

The Razr comes with a 6.2-inch foldable screen, 6 GB of RAM, 128 GB storage, a 16 MP main camera, and a 5 MP front-facing one. Under the hood: a Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor. The Snapdragon 855 is a more popular choice among modern smartphones. Motorola may have chosen the older CPU to save battery power.

Razr’s main allure is its design, not the specs. Besides the nostalgia ride this foldable phone will carry you on, the design is very au courant. There’s no crease in the middle of the screen as there is with the Galaxy Fold. And the Razr is more “pocket friendly” than its Samsung counterpart.  For now it is available only i black.

In the US, the Razr will be available only to Verizon Wireless customers. The Razr will also be sold in Asia, Latin America, Australia, and Europe, but the countries and prices have yet to be announced.

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