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AMD To Launch FidelityFX Technology Later This Month

Posted: March 04,2024

AMD To Launch FidelityFX Technology Later This Month

AMD is making its long-awaited FidelityFX technology available on June 22. The so-called super-sampling technology is a direct rival to Nvidia’s DLSS and it’s designed to drastically improve the performance in PC games without sacrificing the level of detail.

AMD claims this technology can double your framerate in games, especially if you play in 4K resolution. “Team Red” demonstrated the power of its tech with Godfall, one of the latest games to feature advanced graphics effects like ray tracing, known to melt even the best graphics cards. In the demo, which you can watch on YouTube, Godfall was first shown running in native 4K at 49 frames per second. Upon enabling FidelityFX, the game’s performance skyrocketed to 78 fps at maximum settings and with ray tracing enabled.

FSR offers 4 image quality presets - Performance, Balanced, Quality, and Ultra - with the Performance setting upping the framerate by up to 300%. That’s absolutely impressive, especially considering DLSS, similar tech available only on GeForce cards, usually manages to “only” double the framerate. Most people will probably see no difference between the upscaling modes on FidelityFX, making it a must option when you want to get the maximum performance out of your rig.

First announced in 2020, FSR technology was developed as a direct competitor to Nvidia’s AI-powered DLSS. But, compared to Nvidia’s tech, it doesn’t use machine learning to calculate images. It is also not hardware-locked to AMD’s cards, unlike Nvidia’s solution which requires a GPU with Nvidia’s proprietary Tensor cores.

In fact, AMD itself demonstrated its tech on a GeForce GTX 1060, a card now considered “ancient” by most gamers. FSR technology will be available to everyone, as AMD is planning to publish it under open-source license. It’ll be compatible with different DirectX generations and Vulkan. Supposedly, this will make it much easier to integrate during the game development process, so it’s probably just a matter of time before we see it on console and mobile games, too. AMD has yet to announce the first batch of FSR-enabled games, but there is already a poll on the company’s site asking gamers which games they would love to see get FSR support.

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