A veteran of the great console wars of the ’90s, Jovan honed his tech skills dissecting his father’s tools and gadgets. When he’s not busy imposing order and discipline on the KommandoTech cohort, he enjoys making music in his shed, playing JRPGs, and writing hard sci-fi. Jovan is a bona fide hardware surgeon capable of dismantling his laptop and putting it back together in a matter of minutes. With a couple of screws left over, of course.
PS5 System Update: Internal Storage Upgrade Available
Sony Announced that the second major system update for PS5 is available as of Wednesday, September 15. Hideaki Nishino, the senior vice president for platform experience, pointed out the significant quality of life improvements and upgrades that PS5 users will get to enjoy in this PlayStation Blo
43 Smartphone Models Without WhatsApp from November
The popular instant messaging app, WhatsApp, has announced that the platform will stop working on 43 different smartphone models from November 1.   The platform will no longer be compatible with systems older than Apple iOS 10, Android OS 4.1, and KaiOS 2.5.1, which covers about 43 device
AOMEI Gives Away MBackupper Pro to Welcome the New iPhone 13
To mark the release of the new iPhone 13 set for September 14, software development company AOMEI is giving away a one-year subscription to its MBackupper Pro app for a limited time. The package that usually costs $29.95 will be available for free from September 3 to October 1, 2021. All visitors
SimpliSafe Now Offers Wireless Outdoor Cameras
One of the best home security systems on the market is now even better, thanks to the latest upgrade. SimpliSafe expanded its range of home security devices with a wireless outdoor security camera. It’s not a standalone product, as it requires connection to the base unit, but it can be purchase
PlayStation Plus September Games Leaked
Another month and another leak for Sony’s PlayStation Plus service. While the Japanese gaming company has yet to reveal its next batch of freebies for PS Plus subscribers, some websites got ahold of an alleged list of games that will become available for free. Specifically, the French website D
Best Buy Stocks up on Electric Bikes and Scooters
Best Buy, one of the biggest retail chains in America, has expanded its offering with an assortment of e-bikes and other electric street rides.  Customers will now be able to find the best electric scooters, mopeds, and more on Best Buy’s website. The selection includes vehicles from Segway, U
Windows 11 Launches Next Month
The next generation of the Windows operating system is set to go live on October 5. “Windows 11 is ready to empower your productivity and inspire creativity,” Microsoft wrote in its official announcement on Tuesday. Once it starts rolling out, the new OS will be available as a free update for
Nvidia Announces RTX A2000 Workstation GPU
The smallest ever Ampere GPU isn’t a compact RTX 2060 graphics card, but a brand new card meant to fit into specialized, workstation computers. This latest piece of tech is another card in Nvidia’s lineup of A-Series GPUs, the successor to the famous Quadro series. The RTX A2000 is the smalle
Xiaomi en Route to Become the Biggest Smartphone Manufacturer
Chinese smartphone producer Xiaomi has a clear goal - to become the biggest in the business within three years. According to the latest quarterly report on the smartphone market, Xiaomi is already in second place after finally having overtaken Apple in the global manufacturer list. Right now, Xia
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