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Diablo 4: Secret of the Spring Puzzle

Updated: June 04,2023

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One of the first more perplexing puzzles in the newly released Diablo 4 is found right in the first act of the game, near an abandoned cabin in the Kylsik Plateau, north of Kyovashad. Once you’ve picked up the Discarded Note, a side-quest named “Secret of the Spring” will be added to your quest list.

If you click on the note itself, you’ll find a riddle scrawled on it, which states: 

“Beacon of warmth in winter's embrace, patience rewarded by nature's own grace.”

Secret of the Spring Puzzle Message

How to Solve the Secret of the Spring Puzzle

Start by using the track option in your quest book and follow the marker to a hot spring in the middle of a frozen landscape. The spring immediately stands out against the frigid environment, so it’s quite easy to notice.

Once you’re standing near the spring, open the emote wheel by pressing “E” on your keyboard, or the “Up” button on your gamepad, then select the “Customize” option at the bottom of the screen. The emote you need to finish the Secret of the Spring puzzle is “Wait”, and since it's not equipped on the default emote wheel, you’ll need to add it to an open slot and exercise the patience that the quest riddle asks you to do.

How to Solve the Secret of the Spring Puzzle

As soon as you show your patient side, a chest will appear near the hot spring, and you’ll be rewarded with random items, gold and experience.

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