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Diablo 4 Renown: How To Earn Renown & Get Rewards

Updated: June 04,2023

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One of the major new systems in Diablo 4 is the Renown system, which greatly impacts character power and adds some amazing perks for leveling each of your subsequent characters in the game. 

This reputation system will immediately be familiar to those who played the popular ARPG Lost Ark, as it works in a very similar fashion. Players can earn renown in each of the five main regions of Sanctuary available at launch, which are:

  • Fractured Peaks
  • Dry Steppes
  • Scosglen
  • Hawezar
  • Kehjistan

Each of these regions features its own renown stages and rewards, earned by completing various objectives and actions scattered around the open world. Some of these objectives will earn you minimal rewards, while others will greatly impact the Renown progress for that zone. Below, you can find which objective and game accomplishment earns how much Renown for every main area in the game:

  1. Activating Altars of Lilith (5 Renown)
  2. Discovering New Area on the Map (5 Renown)
  3. Waypoint Unlocks (20 Renown)
  4. Side Quests (20 Renown)
  5. Completing Dungeons (30 Renown)
  6. Liberating Strongholds (100 Renown)

Diablo 4 Renown: How To Earn Renown & Get Rewards

Diablo 4 Renown Rewards

Renown rewards in Diablo 4 are either character-based or account wide.

First up, there are two types of Renown rewards in Diablo 4. There are account-wide character bonuses, which make leveling up alts much faster and rewards specific to the character you are playing. Below, you can find an example of all the Renown rewards you can earn across the 5 Stages in the Fractured Peaks.

  Renown Required Individual Character Reward Account-Wide Reward
Stage I 200 points + Bonus XP
+ 3,000 Gold
+1 Skill Points
Stage II 300 points + Bonus XP
+ 10,000 Gold
+1 Potion Charge
Stage III 400 points + Bonus XP
+ 25,000 Gold
+1 Skill Points
Stage IV 500 points + Bonus XP
+ 60,000 Gold
+80 Maximum Obols
Stage V 600 points + Bonus XP
+ 125,000 Gold
+4 Paragon Points

As you can see from the table, the biggest rewards you get from completing the Renown reputation system are those that are account-wide, making the leveling of your alts much easier, along with providing the same rewards to the character that unlocked them. If you complete all the Renown board across the five zones, your characters will all receive:

  • +10 Additional Skill Points
  • +400 Max Obol capacity
  • +20 Paragon Points
  • +5 Potion Charges

Note that the final two stages of each Renown board require you to reach and play on the World Tier 3 difficulty.

Diablo 4 Renown Tips

While the completionist-minded players among us will seek to complete each of the zones five Renown stages before moving to the next area on the map, the truth is that focusing on the first four stages can be a more optimal approach to the system. These stages are much faster to complete, while the last stage can take significantly longer, meaning that you can increase your character’s power faster by achieving the four-stage rewards in each zone first. 

If you are seeking to complete the Renown requirements for each zone, it is best to clear all the Strongholds and Dungeons inside each zone, along with any side-quests you stumble upon during your gameplay. This approach will push you toward your Renown goal the fastest, and then you can repeat the same process in the next zone.

When it comes to features that can slow down your progress, the biggest culprits are Events, Cellars, which do not reward any Renown and can take minutes to complete. While this doesn’t seem like it can make a real difference, the sheer amount of these world events and detours can add up and significantly slow down those players who want to strictly focus on Renown reputation rewards.


How do you get renown points in Diablo 4?

You can earn Renown points in Diablo 4 by completing the various objectives inside the game’s five main zones. These objectives include Dungeones, Strongholds, Altars of Lilith, Map exploration, Waypoint unlocks and side-quests.

How does renown work in Diablo 4?

The renown system in Diablo 4 works in a way that it rewards the exploration and objective-clearing inside the game’s open world. The primary purpose of the system is to provide character power to all the players’ characters on the realm, making the leveling of new characters much faster.

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