A veteran of the great console wars of the ’90s, Jovan honed his tech skills dissecting his father’s tools and gadgets. When he’s not busy imposing order and discipline on the KommandoTech cohort, he enjoys making music in his shed, playing JRPGs, and writing hard sci-fi. Jovan is a bona fide hardware surgeon capable of dismantling his laptop and putting it back together in a matter of minutes. With a couple of screws left over, of course.
How To Hide Apps on iPhone Devices – Clean Up Your Background
They always say cleanliness is next to godliness. The same applies to a tidy phone screen. Okay, so maybe you don’t exactly get any redeemable points with Saint Peter, but keeping an organized and tidy screen will still help you in this life. Especially considering that iOS automatically create
How to Turn Off Autoplay Videos on Facebook
Almost half of all active Facebook users use the social media platform to watch videos. Of course, any content related to your interests can be highly entertaining, but this isn’t the only show in town. Facebook’s automatic video play feature can expose users to offensive, violent, or otherwi
How to Type Special Characters on Mac – Express Yourself
Macs are great. They’re stylish, reliable, and the macOS interface is very streamlined. Maybe a bit too streamlined, though, as we often found ourselves wondering how to type special characters on Mac. There’s no pound or euro symbol anywhere on the keyboard, not to mention other more outlandish
Mixed Reality Coming to Oculus Quest 2
One of the most popular VR headsets is about to become even better with its latest SDK update. Developers working on VR apps and games can now try out one of the most exciting experimental features: Mixed reality (MR) on the Oculus Quest 2. Titled Passthrough API Experimental, the new developer t
How to Clean Your Laptop Keyboard Before It Lays Eggs
Keyboards are one of the dirtiest objects we come in contact with daily. Food crumbs, pet hair, cigarette ashes, and oil from our skin can all be found on and inside our keyboards. Research has shown that keyboards, on average, hold more bacteria than toilet seats. Yikes. No matter how pedantic and
How To Get a Refund From PayPal – Quick and Easy
We’ve all been there, unfortunately. Perhaps you’ve bought a new streaming webcam, paid for it with PayPal, and then never received it at all. Maybe you’ve even gotten the goods, but they’re damaged, and the seller isn’t responding to your claims. It’s a bad situation, but there’s a si
Tokyo Olympics Opening Was a Gamer’s Dream
Video games played an important role during the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics on Friday, July 23. This Friday, millions of people all around the world tuned into the long-awaited Olympic Games opening ceremony. Gamers among them were pleasantly surprised - the music picked for the openin
How to Setup Windows 10 – Fresh Start With a Fresh OS
The unveiling of Windows 95 put Microsoft at the center of the software universe, but installing and setting up this operating system proved challenging for many users. A few decades and several updates later, the Windows 10 software provides a far simpler installation process. Keep reading to find
How To Download Your Google Photos – Preserve Your Memories
Whenever I return from a holiday trip, I bring many bags with spices, a couple of souvenirs, and hundreds of pictures, like the most cliche tourist. At least I did until Google decided to limit the number of high-quality photos its photo backup tool can make on June 1, 2021. Now, if you, like me, ex