A veteran of the great console wars of the ’90s, Jovan honed his tech skills dissecting his father’s tools and gadgets. When he’s not busy imposing order and discipline on the KommandoTech cohort, he enjoys making music in his shed, playing JRPGs, and writing hard sci-fi. Jovan is a bona fide hardware surgeon capable of dismantling his laptop and putting it back together in a matter of minutes. With a couple of screws left over, of course.
Two Apple Series Renewed For Second Season Ahead of Debut
Two Apple TV+ series got the green light for a second season as the tech giant doubles down on its commitment to the streaming market.  Apple announced that it was renewing Home Before Dark and Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet for another season before the series even premiered. The move has been
YouTube Usage Statistics For The Logged On Generation
“All right, so here we are in front of the, uh, elephants, and the cool thing about these guys is that, is that they have really, really, really long, um, trunks, and that's, that's cool, and that's pretty much all there is to say.” This is the transcript of the first video uploaded on You
App Revenue Statistics That Will Make You Join a Startup
We could start this app revenue statistics article by saying how prevalent and important mobile apps have become in our everyday lives. But you already know all of that. From talking to our friends to searching for jobs, calling cabs, finding restaurants, and finding love - it’s all in the apps
Augmented Reality Statistics: Better Than Real Life
AR technology uses specialized hardware and software to blend the virtual world with real-world settings. With AR, users interact with both virtual and real objects. Augmented reality is easy to dismiss as a watered-down version of fully immersive virtual reality, but that is misleading. AR syste
Streaming Platforms Dominate Gold Globe Awards
Streaming platforms appear to have stolen the limelight at this year’s Golden Globes Awards with dozens of nominations and a number of wins.  Although streaming giant Netflix only made its way onto the awards stage twice, it received 34 nominations.  But the real stars of the night were Di
Fairies Wear Boots: Women in Tech Statistics for 2020
While they make up nearly half the American workforce, the percentage of women in tech amounts to only 20%. When it comes to women in leadership positions, the figures are even lower. What is the cause of this huge gender disparity in the tech industry? In an attempt to avoid conformist, traditio
China’s Bans Foreign Software and Hardware for Government PCs
Chinese government to dump foreign hardware & software by 2022   All government computers in China will be purged of foreign hardware and software in the coming three years. Ordered by the government in Beijing, the ban extends to all IT products developed outside China, including popular o
DOJ repeals historic antitrust decree in film industry
The Justice Department has announced that it will review the Paramount Decrees, which are outlined in the 1948 settlement of a suit charging movie studios with monopolistic control over movie theaters. The Supreme Court ruled that eight companies held an unfair monopoly over the other studios, vi
Disney prioritizes ‘creative instincts’ when greenlighting projects
Netflix proudly describes itself as a data-driven company that relies on analytics to create TV content that will please subscribers. A glance at the company’s achievements demonstrates that the approach works. Nonetheless, executives in charge of the new Disney+ streaming service say they woul