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Diablo 4 Faded Plaques: What They Are & How to Use Them

Updated: June 04,2023

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One of the many new interesting features of the recently released Diablo 4 game are the Faded Plaques. These mysterious statues appear across the whole massive open world of Sanctuary, and reward those who stop to read and think about the cryptic messages inscribed in them. 

What Are Faded Plaques?

When you first run into one of these seemingly strange statues in the wilderness, you may just run past it and continue murdering the countless demons on your path, but sometimes it can pay off to slow down and take in the world around you, even in a fast-paced ARPG like Diablo 4.

The Faded Plaques are one of those things that are definitely worth your attention, as solving the little puzzles that are the one-sentence inscriptions on them can provide you with some actually useful buffs, as well as other, purely fun gameplay moments. These statues are, along with some side quests and other features in the game, a clever design choice that encourages the players to get used to using Diablo 4’s new emote system.

Most of these puzzles are pretty simple and quick to do, and Faded Plaques are no different. All you need to do is read the inscription on them and pay attention to the words written in all caps, as this is the clue to which emote you need to choose to solve the riddle.

Image of the Faded Plaques

Faded Plaque Riddle Answer List

As Diablo 4 has just released, there are perhaps even more hidden Faded Plaques and puzzles to be found across Sanctuary, but as of now, the list of riddles, solutions and the buffs they provide is:

ATONE - Use the “Sorry” emote to atone for your sins and receive some free health potions.

GIVE AID - Use the “Help” emote to gain a temporary Barrier Buff, making you more durable for a short period of time.

GREET - Use the “Hello” emote to greet death with open arms and get a Shadows’ Embrace buff that will make you invisible for a couple of seconds.

PROVOKE - Use the “Taunt” emote to provoke fate, and gain a temporary Unstoppable buff, which will dispel any crowd control or movement debuff and provide immunity to them for a few seconds.

EMBOLDEN - Use the “Cheer” emote to embolden the soul against unrelenting evil, which will provide you with the Emboldened Spirit buff, giving you a cute spirit companion to walk with you into battle.

Image of Diablo 4 Emote Wheel

How to Use Emotes in Diablo 4?

You can easily access the emote wheel by pressing the E key on your keyboard, or the Up arrow on your controller. All the emotes needed for solving the Faded Plaques in Diablo 4 are found on the default wheel.

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