A veteran of the great console wars of the ’90s, Jovan honed his tech skills dissecting his father’s tools and gadgets. When he’s not busy imposing order and discipline on the KommandoTech cohort, he enjoys making music in his shed, playing JRPGs, and writing hard sci-fi. Jovan is a bona fide hardware surgeon capable of dismantling his laptop and putting it back together in a matter of minutes. With a couple of screws left over, of course.
Lessons Learned: CD Projekt Red Adjusts Development and Marketing Strategies
CD Projekt Red, the Polish game studio behind The Witcher 3 and - more infamously - Cyberpunk 2077, announced its n
LG Stepping Away from Smartphone Market
LG Electronics Inc. (LG) has announced the closure of its mobile phone businesses worldwide. The board of directors confirmed the decision on
Gamers Can’t Get Enough of Ghost of Tsushima
Sucker Punch’s new smash-hit game Ghost of Tsushima has a 50.2% completion rate, making it one of the most-finished PlayStation games of the kind. Among open-world PS4 games, only Marvel’s Spider-Man has a higher compilati
PS5 Breaking Sales Records
Sony’s PlayStation 5 is becoming harder to find than toilet paper. It seems that, in the middle of a pandemic, consumers have been snatching them up faster than any other gaming console in US history. On March 12, Mat Piscat
Final Fantasy 7 Remake Coming to PS5 With a Brand New DLC
Looking to give the Final Fantasy 7 Remake another go on that shiny new PlayStation 5? This June, you’ll get to enjoy the game with enhanced visuals and the beloved Yuffie Kisaragi as the main protagonist. During the latest State of Play stream, Sony and Square Enix announced that the game is g
The Row Continues as Facebook Bans News From Australia
The tension between tech giants and the Australian government has been brewing for a while now. This week, Facebook sent a powerful message and took things to the next level by banning both local and international news from its platform in Australia. As of Wednesday, Australians can no longer fin
Mass Effect Remastered: Commander Shepard Returns in 4K
Yes, you read that right - the world-famous interstellar adventure has been remastered! The excruciatingly long wait is over, so brace yourself to experience the legendary BioWare trilogy in magnificent 4K graphics. Visual Features As soon as you launch the game, you’ll noti
Everything You Wanted to Know about GameStop
You woke up this morning and it’s all over the headlines: the stock market has gone bananas over GameStop, the chain of shops that still enthusiastically sells physical copies of video games in a dying market. Every market expert would’ve told you this company was destined for bankruptcy. Until
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