Mavix Enters Exclusive Chair Partnership with NSG

Posted: March 04,2024

Mavix Enters Exclusive Chair Partnership with NSG

Gaming chair specialists Mavix have signed a partnership with the esports infrastructure company Nerd Street Gamers (NSG). The deal will make Mavix NSG’s exclusive partner, providing gaming chairs for all Localhost offices and esports tournaments. The two companies will also work together on influencer events, product demonstrations, and signing autographs.

The CEO of Nerd Street Gamers, John Fazio, stated that the mutual partnership would provide NSG with a physical gaming infrastructure and give both companies a chance to align their missions and push the bar higher on quality equipment for gamers. “Mavix’s expertly designed, highly-ergonomic gaming chairs will help further enhance every player’s experience at our facilities,” he said.

Mavix CEO and founder Tony Mazlish also pitched in, saying that his company is looking forward to being the exclusive chair partner of one of the leading and innovative esports organizations on the market. “Nerd Street continuously creates high-quality professional-grade opportunities, and our team is looking forward to joining forces and enhancing these experiences for players,” he said.

In March 2021, Nerd Street Gamers partnered up with Riot Games after raising $11.5 million for their digital esports platform in January 2021. The company also hired the former Vice President of esports sales at theScore Inc, Donald Reilley, as its Vice President of Sales. NSG also arranged a partnership with Razer, who will become the exclusive peripherals partner for the upcoming Valorant Summer Championship in August 2021.

Mavix previously entered a partnership with the professional Call of Duty League franchise, OpTic Chicago. In November of 2020, the company also partnered with streamers Rachell “Valkyrae'' Hofstetter and Kris “FaZe Swag” Lamberson. Those two, along with NRG Esports CEO and co-owner Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez, professional Call of Duty player Seth “Scump” Abner, and NBA gamer Josh Hart became NSG’s ambassadors

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