How To Send Videos on Discord

Updated: August 17,2022

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Imagine you are among the last players standing in a Battle Royale match. You hear your final opponent shooting and barely missing you from somewhere behind your back. You jump and make a 180° no-scope kill and win the game for your team. When shouting your joy through a high-def gaming microphone just isn’t enough to mark the occasion, you can share the video clip of your epic move with friends on your Discord server. 

Figuring out how to send videos on Discord isn’t exactly rocket science, but there are some limitations that you should be aware of.

Sending Files Through Discord on a PC

Sending a file to a text channel on a Discord server can be done in a few easy steps. First, after starting up Discord, find the server where you want to upload the file. 

find the server where you want to upload the file

For our upload testing purposes, we will use the #testing-ground text channel. Keep in mind that you can send various file types through chat. 

click on the “+” sign

Click on the “+” sign next to the text field to upload a video to Discord.

navigate to the file you want to upload

After clicking on the plus sign, you will need to navigate to the file you want to upload. If you choose an eligible file or video format, you’ll be able to add a comment or emoji or mark the file as a spoiler. 

uploaded file

The example file we have uploaded is less than 8MB big and in MP4 format. Discord’s embedded player can play it directly through the app to your PC gaming sound system or headphones. There is a button in the top-right corner of the video if you want to download the file. 

Marking the video as a spoiler blurs the video thumbnail and clearly shows that it contains content that can ruin someone’s game, tv show, or movie experience. 

marking the video as a spoiler

Discord’s 8MB Limit: Your Files Are Too Powerful!

the file size is too large

Discord’s video share functionality won’t allow you to upload larger or higher-quality videos. When trying to do so, the app will let you know this with a funny message that tells you that your files are too powerful. Luckily there are other ways to share video files without limiting yourself to a small video format or short clips.

Discord Nitro

Discord Nitro users can upload files up to 100MB in size. The subscription costs $9.99 per month or $99.9 per year and includes other perks besides larger file upload sizes. Additional benefits are more custom emojis, profile personalization, server boosts, profile badges, and higher video quality when streaming. 

So, how to send videos on Discord if they don’t fit the app’s size limitations? The most straightforward answer is to first upload them to platforms like Youtube or Vimeo. Discord’s text chat can embed Youtube and Vimeo links, so you can directly watch videos through the app. 

sharing the video as a youtube link

Another option is cloud file sharing. Google Drive and Dropbox allow users to upload large files and share them by sending a link. Both allow users to use their services for free up to a specific capacity. For example, Google Drive allows for 15 GB of file storage, while Dropbox allows for 2 GB for those without a paid subscription. This is a convenient way to send files over Discord without having to worry about the file size.


How do you send a video on Discord?

You can send a video or any kind of file by clicking on the “+” sign next to the chat text field. Then, simply find and select the file, click enter, and wait for it to upload. 

What is the longest video you can send on Discord?

When you upload a video to Discord, you need to keep in mind that there are different file size limits for free and Discord Nitro users. Free users can upload up to 8 MB file size, while Discord Nitro users have 100 MB at their disposal.

How do I transfer videos from Discord to my computer?

Any video files that are uploaded to Discord can be downloaded. The app will start downloading any file shared in a text channel when you click on the download button in the top-right corner of the video.

How do I send someone a video?

If you are wondering how to send videos on Discord, there are several ways you can approach it. You can upload small videos of up to 8 MB directly to your server. Alternatively, you can first upload the video to Youtube, Vimeo, or another streaming platform and then share the link in a text channel. Using cloud file-sharing services like Dropbox or Google Drive is also an option. 

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