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How To Set Up a G29 on a PC: A Complete Guide for 2024

Updated: September 12,2023

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The Logitech G29 is one of the more popular racing wheels on the market, even though it made its debut back in 2015. The features are still competitive with newer steering wheels above its price range, and this makes it an almost perfect device for those who are just getting into sim racing.

So, if you want to learn how to set up your G29 on a PC quickly and get it working for the games you want to play, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll lead you through the steps and everything you need to know to get the best performance out of your G29, as well as share some tips on the features this racing wheel has to offer.

Setting Up the Logitech G29

Setting up the G29 involves physically connecting all the components and installing the necessary software. So, here’s how to go about that.

Connecting the G29 to the PC 

Setting up your G29 shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes. First, you need to connect the pedals to the steering wheel. 

Cable management is made easy with this model, so you can hook everything up and keep things neat. The ports on the back of the steering wheel are easily accessible, and there are channels for the cables, so there’s no clutter to interfere with your gaming experience.

If you’re not using a sim frame, you’ll need to put the pedal board against a wall or some other barrier to keep it from moving. In our experience, the gripping surface on the bottom of the pedal board isn’t strong enough to keep it in place once you start pushing the pedals. 

The racing wheel is easy to attach to the desk, you just need to turn the two knobs on the side. They release the clams that you can slip on the desk and then secure the wheel.

If you need more details on how to set the wheel up, you should read our guide on how to set up a racing wheel on a PC, which will work for G29, G920, as well as most other popular racing wheels.

The guide is based on the Logitech G920, but you can apply every single tip you find there when setting up a G29 on a PC, as the differences between the G29 and the G920 are virtually non-existent at this level. 

Source: PC Tech Reviews Australia


After you’ve physically connected all of the components, it’s time to download the drivers. You’ll need to go to Logitech’s website and download the Logitech G Hub gaming software.

Here, you can update and download the drivers that are necessary for your setup to function. You’ll be using this software to make adjustments to the wheel’s settings. Thankfully, the Logitech G Hub software is simple and easy to use, so you shouldn’t encounter any major issues on that front.

Command Settings

Now that you have everything set up, it’s time to calibrate the wheel, assign the button functions, and adjust the pedal sensitivity.

Mode Setting

You’ll find a mode switch that’s located on the central part of the wheel. It displays two options: PS3 and PS4. The G29 is compatible with PlayStation consoles, but for the Logitech G29 PC setup, you need to switch it to the PS4 mode. 

Wheel Settings

The operating wheel range is going to be automatically set to 900 degrees. This means that it registers up to two and a half full rotations (360 + 360 + 180). To get the optimal performance out of your driving wheel, some games will require you to set the range to lower values.

You can set the range anywhere from 40 to 900 degrees in 10-degree increments. Setting it to a lower value increases sensitivity, which means a quicker response to your commands. Setting it to 360 degrees will sharpen the in-game car’s handling and generally make the game more responsive and enjoyable.

The dead zone should be set to zero for games where you need maximum precision, such as realistic racing sims. For something more relaxing, like Euro Truck Simulator 2, you can set the dead zone values to 10 or 15.

Keep in mind that any changes made during the Logitech steering wheel setup will be valid for all of the games you use the wheel in. Of course, there’s nothing preventing you from changing them later.

Source: NPF-Rina

Force Feedback

If you’re looking forward to jumping in and being immersed in a realistic driving experience, you’ll love the effect that force feedback adds to your driving. This is one of G29’s main features and a big reason why it’s still popular today.

There are two motors in the wheel that use haptic feedback to convey to the driver what the tire grip and the road surface are like. These two motors can get noisy at times, and they’re able to provide pretty strong feedback.

For the most immersive experience, you should try reducing the overall vibration and force feedback to about 50%. This will get you a much more nuanced feel of the road. Also, set the dynamic dampening between 15% and 25% to further balance the vibration out.

The gain should be set to 100%, as this reflects the overall power that goes into force feedback. As for the minimum force, a value of around 10% is a good starting point.

Button Settings for Logitech G29

Your G29 racing wheel setup is almost complete. Now, it’s time to assign the keys, and you’re just about ready to hit the road.

All you have to do here is choose the in-game command and press the button you want to assign it to. When binding the buttons, make sure that you have all the important functions assigned to separate inputs.  

Pedal Settings 

You can use the pedal setup Logitech G29 has from the very start. The sensitivity is automatically set to 50% and it feels balanced, so there’s no need to change it. You’ll get better results if you try out different settings inside the game you’re playing and leave the pedal settings at 50%.

The G29 pedals react based on distance input rather than the force that you exert on the pedal. The transfer is pretty even about halfway through, after which the pedal seems to require a little more force to keep going.


The Logitech G29 is one of the most popular budget options for a steering wheel setup, as it’s loaded with quality features and offers a first-class racing sim experience. In this article, we showed you how to set up the Logitech G29 on your computer and how to make the most of its features.

As it turns out, it’s a pretty straightforward process. The equipment has a user-friendly design and the Logitech software is easy to navigate, so you can set the steering wheel up easily and enjoy the ride.


How do I get my Logitech steering wheel to work on my PC?

You need to connect the steering wheel to your PC through a USB port. The next step requires you to go to Logitech’s website in order to download the drivers and the G Hub software. After this, all you need to do is calibrate the wheel, and it’ll be ready to use.

Does the Logitech G29 steering wheel work on a PC?

Yes. The G29 is designed to work on the PC, the PS3, and the PS4.

Can I connect the steering wheel to a laptop?

Yes. You only need a free USB port to connect a Logitech G29 to your laptop. You can read our full article, which explains how to set up a G29 on a PC, as the setup process is virtually identical.

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