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Sony Watcher predicts PlayStation 5 price, release date

Posted: November 29,2023

Sony Watcher predicts PlayStation 5 price, release date

The next generation of the Sony PlayStation gaming console, the PlayStation 5, will hit retail shelves on November 20, 2020, with a suggested retail price of $499.

That’s the prediction of a Twitter user and Sony-watcher who goes by the handle @PSErebus.

The prediction is consistent with Sony statements indicating that the console would be available for the 2020 holiday season.

It also aligns with the anticipated release date of Microsoft’s rumored Xbox update, Project Scarlett.

The PlayStation 5 price prediction is lower than most forecasts. Sony has released news about PlayStation 5 specifications, including support for ray-tracing and 8k video.

In addition to price and date, @PSErebus hinted that the PlayStation 5 could include a 2TB solid-state drive in addition to the eight-core AMD Zen CPU, NAVI graphics card, and 4k Blu-ray support that have been previously announced.

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