Since he first realized a paper-cup phone gives a better signal when covered in tin foil, Damjan has known that his future will be connected to communications and encryption. A SIGINT specialist and counterintelligence expert here at KommandoTech, Damjan is on a constant hunt for the best smartphones and other communication devices. In his spare time he enjoys beer, parties, and music.
MasterClass Review
MasterClass offers dozens of unique courses conceived and delivered by experts ranging from chef Gordon Ramsay to astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.
ProtonVPN Review
Launched in 2014, Proton Technologies’ ProtonMail has quickly become one of the world’s most popular and trusted encrypted email services.
How Much Time Does the Average Person Spend on Their Phone?
Brrrt. It’s your phone vibrating. In the middle of a client meeting. You are making a good impression as usual. Whether you are reaching for your device to read the latest tweetstorm, message a friend or simply play games, these devices have become an essential part of our belongings. So how muc
How Many iPhones Have Been Sold Worldwide? – iPhone Sales Analyzed
Black turtleneck, glasses and a smug look. We’re talking about Steve Jobs, of course. A hero to some and a villain to others, Jobs became an epitome of an innovator and an entrepreneur. While developing iPhones, he dreamt of capturing a mere 1% of the smartphone market. So, how many iPhones have b
Internet Usage Statistics: Online Life By The Numbers
Most Americans can’t go a day without checking their email, logging into their social media accounts or simply browsing the vast online world. Internet usage statistics confirm that this decisive technology of the information age has become a facet of our everyday lives. The younger generations ha
Spotify User Statistics That Will Be Music to Your Ears
The music industry experienced an unprecedented level of growth between 1974 and 1999 selling billions of records worldwide. But in the decade that followed, the digital revolution transformed the way we consume music, and massive CD collections were simply replaced by streaming services. The new d
How Many Blogs Are There? – Keep Reading to Find Out
Blogging kicked off in 1994, with most early blog writers focusing on writing personal journals. Over the years, blogging has in many ways retained its original form - most blog posts remain personal, opinionated texts about a certain subject. However, blog topics have changed. They now encompass ev
44 Incredible iOS Usage Statistics for the Mobile Generation
There is a war going on. Two tech supergiants are fighting for dominance of the smartphone market. According to iOS usage statistics, Android has the lead globally, but Apple has a very loyal user base and is currently the only real competition to Google. [post_snippet] One of Apple’s advant
Tinder adds new security features in a bid to increase user safety
Popular dating app Tinder is rolling out a series of new safety features including a panic button, emergency assistance, location tracking, and photo verification.  The features are designed to address longstanding safety concerns among Tinder users, giving them the option to alert authorities i
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