AOMEI Gives Away MBackupper Pro to Welcome the New iPhone 13

Posted: April 24,2024

AOMEI Gives Away MBackupper Pro to Welcome the New iPhone 13

To mark the release of the new iPhone 13 set for September 14, software development company AOMEI is giving away a one-year subscription to its MBackupper Pro app for a limited time.

The package that usually costs $29.95 will be available for free from September 3 to October 1, 2021. All visitors to the AOMEI MBackupper Pro giveaway page who download and install the program during that time will get a giveaway license key that will be valid one year from the date of activation. 

AOMEI MBackupper Pro is a switching software that allows users to fully migrate data from their old iOS devices to the new ones, including the latest iPhone 13 or their PC. Data migration is swift and effortless using the One-click iPhone Transfer feature.

With the Pro package, customers will get additional features that enable seamless and hassle-free transfers to other devices. Erase iPhone deletes all data stored on the phone faster than a factory reset and lets users sell it or give it away to someone without worrying about their personal data being compromised. 

Music lovers’ smartphones often get clogged with audio files; to get the best out of the storage space, MBackupper Pro has an option to selectively delete unwanted data to clear up some space. People who tend to pile up images and videos on their devices can take advantage of the Full Backup tool that copies all important files and recovers them swiftly in case of an accident. 

Finally, those who prefer traditional .JPG and .PNG image formats will have a free HEIC converter to convert Apple’s new high-res iOS image format to something you can view on other devices, too. The good news is that the MBackupper Pro’s interface is easy to use and navigate so that even children will be able to use it on their smartphones

AOMEI MBackupper Pro software supports all iOS versions, including the latest one, iOS 15. Windows users should head to the AOMEI website and check out other company software if they want similar functionalities on Windows 10.

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