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How To Block Twitch Ads - Upgrade Your Gaming Experience

Updated: August 03,2022

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Bumping into ads on every (cyber) corner is the new normal of today’s increasingly consumerist society. Wanna watch a movie? No problem, but get ready for at least five minutes of advertisement introducing you to a new face cream that’ll make you look ten years younger. Are you up for watching some games on Twitch? Sure, but there will also be commercials sliding over the screen and getting on your nerves.

Twitch’s “ad culture” can be pushy, to say the least. After a while, merely turning a blind eye to the ever-present marketing campaign just won’t cut it. So, how to block Twitch ads?

As you might have noticed, this platform stands its ground when it comes to commercials. Let’s take a quick tour of this platform first, and then we’ll walk you through all the Twitch adblock possibilities.

What Is Twitch, and Why Do Zoomers Love It?

If you’re a millennial, chances are you haven’t heard of this live streaming app geared toward gamers. However, if you’re a proud zoomer, you’re probably following esports tournaments or watching IRL streamers all the time. Or you might be sharing some creative content yourself?

twitch dashboard

Whichever the case, Twitch is probably bombarding you with ads and pop-ups and is bound to make you wonder how to get rid of Twitch ads sooner or later. Eliminating these annoyances might not be the easiest thing to do, so we’ve outlined the roadmap for you.

First Aid Kit: AdBlock

Naturally, an adblock plug-in is the first thing to reach for at the very thought of online ads. Among numerous ad blockers on the market, the first choice has always been AdBlock. It has been working like magic when it comes to keeping Twitch ads at arm’s length - until recently, that is. Since September 2020, Twitch ads have become more pushy and persistent than ever, as the streaming platform managed to circumvent AdBlock somehow.

AdBlock is not working on Twitch always due to Twitch’s particular design solution: the ads are embedded in the videos you’re streaming. Therefore, it can be tricky for any ad blocker to detect advertisement content. Still, AdBlock gives its best to distinguish between ads and streaming videos by continuously updating and improving its software. We are confident its developers will find a way to get back on the right track in no time, reclaiming the title of the best Twitch adblock extension.


More Tricks up Twitch’s Sleeve

If you tried blocking Twitch ads in and realized that your AdBlock was not working on Twitch, you now know one of the reasons behind it. However, we must admit that we can’t blame the streaming platform for coming up with tricks to outsmart ad blockers and other adware and malware protection choices. Since advertisements represent a significant source of revenue, Twitch needs to keep serving them to its users.

That’s why the company also started using still images. These messages sneak up on you mid-video, showing a still image with a subtle suggestion to disable any content blockers you might have installed to get the full Twitch experience.

twitch notification

Scratch That Twitch Itch Harder: uBlock Origin

If you want to get to the bottom of how to block these new Twitch ads and announcements, check out the solution praised by Redditors worldwide - uBlock Origin. It is among the best adblock extensions for blocking pop-ups, malicious ads, and even invasive trackers.

You can add uBlock to Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, and several other popular browsers. What’s more, it’s easy on your CPU and memory. Oh, and let’s not forget one other thing - uBlock Origin comes completely free of charge. If you want to give this open-source ad blocker a shot, keep on reading to find out how to block Twitch ads with uBlock.

The installation process for Chrome is a breeze. All you need to do is hit the Add to Chrome button and confirm your selection. Once the download is complete, you’ll find the uBlock Origin icon in Chrome’s Extensions menu, right to the address bar.


Click on the icon to open uBlock’s pop-up interface and hit the power button to enable the blocker. Now, open Twitch, play a video, lean back, and enjoy the ad-free streaming experience.

However, if some advertisement content still manages to slip through, don’t be alarmed - we’ll tell you how to block those Twitch ads as well. Simply click on the uBlock icon again to access the menu and click on the first option in the bar under the power button. By enabling this feature, you’ll increase the software’s ad-detection sensitivity, making uBlock fight off all pop-ups on the selected site.

ublock dashboard

If you’re into more robust features, you can hit the gear button in the lower right corner that will take you to the main dashboard. From there, you’ll be able to control filtering settings, set your own rules, add trusted websites for which you don’t need uBlock’s help, and much more.

unblock settings
unblock advanced settings

We hope our quick guide will help you block Twitch ads so you can enjoy the famous streaming platform and raid all you want without any annoying interruptions.


How do I block ads on Twitch mobile app?

To block ads on Twitch while using a mobile device, you’ll need to download an ad blocker from your phone’s app store. Unfortunately, some popular choices like uBlock Origin don’t have Android or iPhone versions, but there’s still plenty of adware protection solutions to choose from, such as AdGuard or AdLock.

How do I block ads permanently?

As streaming sites constantly search for new ways to circumvent ad blockers, blocking ads permanently isn’t that easy. If you’ve had no luck figuring out how to disable ads on Twitch, YouTube, and other sites so far, give one of these browser extensions a try: AdBlocker, AdBlocker Plus, uBlock, AdGuard, Ghostery.

How do I block all ads on Chrome?

Download one of the available content-blocker extensions such as AdBlock or uBlock Origin, run it from your Chrome’s toolbar and make sure you enable the option for blocking all advertisement content.

Can you watch Twitch without ads?

If you subscribe to Twitch Turbo, you’ll get ad-free viewing (with some exceptions) across all channels for $8.99 per month. If that’s not an option for you, downloading the uBlock extension to your browser should do the trick.

Why is AdBlock not working with Twitch?

If you’ve worked out how to block Twitch ads by using AdBlock but then that proved to be an unreliable tactic, keep in mind that it’s difficult for ad blockers to recognize these ads because they are made part of the same stream as the video you want to watch. If AdBlock keeps failing to catch all the intrusive commercials, try with uBlock Origin - an alternative that has proven to be one of the best solutions against all kinds of pop-ups on this streaming platform.

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