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Instagram Engagement Rate Statistics - Somebody's Watching You

Updated: March 29,2022

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One of the main metrics all companies want to know when analyzing their social marketing results is their Instagram engagement rate. But many marketers ask themselves: What is considered a good engagement rate on Instagram? If you belong to this group then look no further, because we’ve compiled the top Instagram engagement statistics to answer that question. We’ve also provided insights that can help your marketing team achieve a good engagement rate on Instagram.

Key Instagram Engagement Rate Statistics for 2022
The average engagement rate on Instagram is 4.7%.
The average brand engagement rate on Instagram is 1.9%.
On Instagram, public figures have the biggest engagement rate with 5.7%.
Influencer accounts with fewer than 1,000 followers have the biggest average engagement rate with 8%.
Video posts get two times more engagement than regular posts on Instagram.
Tagging other accounts on a post decreases the engagement rate.
Instagram’s engagement rate is at its highest on Wednesdays: 4.4%.

General Instagram Engagement Stats

On Instagram, a good engagement rate means everything. A high engagement rate is looked for by companies branding on Instagram because it can boost sales. After all, if the audience interacts with posts advertising your products or services, they’re more likely to spend money.

1. For 80% of businesses, the engagement rate on Instagram is their most important metric on this social media platform


2. The overall average engagement rate on Instagram is 4.7%, but the average Instagram engagement rate per post differs for every industry.


3. Instagram’s engagement rate benchmark is divided into four categories. Posts with less than 1% are considered low engagement rate. Posts that receive from 1% to 3.5% are considered to have an average or good Instagram engagement rate. Next, posts with an engagement rate of 3.5% to 6% are considered to have a high engagement rate, while very high engagement applies to posts with greater than 6% engagement.


4. The average Instagram post contains at least one hashtag. Using more hashtags on a post decreases the average Instagram engagement rate.


5. Video posts generate twice the engagement of photo posts on Instagram. Of all users who share a video, 50% receive at least four comments per video post.


6. 60% of all posts on Instagram contain a hashtag, despite the fact that mass tagging decreases the engagement rate.


7. Measuring the Instagram engagement rate for other users might not be possible in the future because Instagram has already started its beta test hiding the number of likes users get.


8. The Instagram story engagement rate is calculated using different metrics to normal posts: replies, reach, and caption reactions.


9. Globally, Greece has the highest average influencer engagement rate on Instagram with 5.17%.


10. Kazakhstan has the lowest average Instagram engagement rate around the globe with just 0.41%.


Instagram Influencer Engagement Rate Stats

Over the past couple of years, we've seen the average influencer engagement rate on Instagram drop dramatically. In response, many influencers started panicking and thought they'd lost their source of income. However, Instagram benchmarks on engagement rate show that only the most famous influencers have been seriously affected by this decline.

11. The average influencer engagement rate for Instagram is 3%, although this varies across different follower categories

(Influencer Marketing)

12. Influencer accounts with 1,000 or fewer followers have an above average engagement rate on Instagram: 8%.

(Influencer Marketing)

13. Accounts with fewer than 10,000 followers also have a very high Instagram engagement rate of 4%.

(Influencer Marketing)

14. Influencers with 100K or fewer followers have an average engagement rate of 2.4%.

(Influencer Marketing)

15. Accounts with more than 100K followers have the lowest engagement rate on Instagram for influencers at only 1.7%.

(Influencer Marketing)

16. Celebrities’ engagement rate is actually below average. For instance, Kim Kardashian’s engagement rate on Instagram is 1.28%. While this seems like a small percentage, don’t forget that she has more than 157 million followers!


17. The latest report reveals that the highest tag engagement rate belongs to Real Madrid’s footballer and influencer Gareth Bale, who received more than 350,000 tags in 2019.


18. The decline in engagement for Instagram influencers with big followings has been quantified in a recent study. For non-sponsored posts, the average engagement rate of 4.5% in 2016 plummeted to 1.9% in 2019.


Instagram Industry Engagement Rate Stats

Instagram is not just a platform for connecting with your friends and family; it has become a medium where businesses create brand awareness and generate new leads. Recent Instagram engagement rate averages by industry show that some industries are performing better than others, with retail and fashion (often regarded as the most profitable genres) seeing their engagement rates plummet.

19. The average industry Instagram engagement rate is 1.9%.


20. The industry average engagement rate for the fashion industry on Instagram is 0.94%, which is the second-lowest rate across all industries.

(Source: RivalIQ)

21. If you ever wondered who has the highest engagement rate on Instagram then look no further; public figures are #1 with an engagement rate of 5.7%.


22. The average engagement rate on Instagram for brands in the sport and non-profit sectors is 2.40%.


23. The industries with the highest per-post engagement post less often than other industries.


24. The retail industry on Instagram has an average of 0.97% engagement per post.



26. The best time of the week to post on Instagram is Wednesday, when the platform’s engagement rate is 4.9%. On the other hand, Monday has the lowest engagement rate: 4.4%.




What is engagement rate?

Engagement rate is a measurement that calculates the level of engagement a piece of content receives from its audience on social media platforms like Instagram. It’s calculated as a percentage that by dividing the sum of the likes and comments on a post with the total number of followers, then multiplying it by 100. Calculating the engagement rate on Instagram is not rocket science – it’s simple math.

Do likes count as engagement?

The short answer is yes. Instagram likes are most sought-after by advertisers because they show when posts are seen and appreciated by Instagram users. Together with comments, they are metrics that help calculate the Instagram engagement rate.

How do you calculate engagement rate?

You may ask yourself “How do I get the Instagram engagement rate for my business account?”.  Well, you can do that either by finding an Instagram engagement rate calculator or calculating it manually using your own data. The industry-accepted formula for Instagram engagement rate calculation goes like this: ((Likes + Comments) / Followers)*100 = X%. For example, let’s say you have 1,200 followers. You post a picture of a cat that receives 100 likes and 50 comments. Calculating Instagram engagement rate of your post goes like this: ((100 +50) / 1200)*100 = 12.5. This Instagram engagement rate calculation shows that your post has a 12.5% engagement rate.

How do you find the percent of change?

After learning how calculating the engagement rate on Instagram works, as an influencer you next need to calculate your engagement progress as time goes by. To calculate the percentage change of the engagement rate of your Instagram’s last five posts, you need to figure out whether you have an increase or decrease in percentage.

If the engagement rate has increased, the first thing you should do is subtract the old engagement rate from the new one and then divide that number by the original rate. You then multiply that number by 100 to get the percentage. On the other hand, if the engagement is decreasing, the first thing you should do is subtract the new percentage from the old one. Then you need to divide that amount by the old percentage and multiply it by 100.

What is the average Instagram engagement rate?

Instagram’s average engagement rate is 1.9%, but this differs for every industry. Public figures have the biggest average influencer engagement rate on Instagram with 5.7%, while the lowest engagement comes from the shopping and retail industry with only 0.97%.

Who is the highest paid Instagrammer?

Kylie Jenner is the biggest-earning Instagram influencer. She receives more than $1.2 million per sponsored post and her Instagram average engagement rate is 2.96%. In second place is Cristiano Ronaldo who earns $975,000 per sponsored post and has 3.07% engagement rate per post on Instagram. Third place goes to Ariana Grande with a sponsored post cost of $996,000 and a 1.41% average influencer engagement rate on Instagram.

How many followers do you need on Instagram to get paid?

You need around 30K followers and a good average Instagram engagement rate per post to get paid on Instagram. You’ll receive from $25 to $50 per sponsored post. Users with 100,000 or more followers get paid $1,000 or more per post, while users who go over a million can cash in $5,000 or more per sponsored post!

How many followers do you need to be an influencer?

Across industries, you need an average of 40,355 followers to be regarded as an influencer on Instagram. However, to be an influencer in the food and beverage industry you only need 8,700 followers. On the other hand, the makeup and cosmetic industry requires you to have 84,200 followers to be regarded as an influencer.

How much does Instagram pay for 1 million followers?

Well, Instagram doesn’t pay, but the companies that use it do! Instagram users who have 1 million followers can charge up to $10,000 per post. If you have more than 1 million and belong to a specific niche that has a high engagement rate per post, you can up the price and charge marketers with more than $100,000.

What is a good Facebook engagement rate?

Having 1% or more engagement is considered a good engagement rate on Facebook. Engagement rates ranging from 0.5% to 0.9% are considered average, while engagement rates below 0.5% are regarded as poor.

What is a unique account on Instagram?

A unique account on Instagram is either a personal or a business account that sees your post on their feed. Or in other words, it’s a metric that shows the number of account feeds your post appears in.

What is Facebook engagement rate?

Facebook and Instagram calculate engagement rate differently. To get the engagement rate on a Facebook post, you need to divide the total number of engaged users by the total reach and multiply that number by 100. All the necessary information is provided by Facebook – total engaged users and reach. Facebook also adds clicks and reactions to the engagement formula. More importantly, Facebook counts only one engagement per user regardless of how many interactions they have with a single post.

How many Instagram followers is average?

According to Statista, the average Instagram account has 150 followers. The main reason why people make an account on Instagram is to connect with their friends and family and follow their favorite celebrities, sports teams, and interests.

What counts as engagement on Instagram?

The formula for engagement rate on Instagram includes likes and comments as engagements. For stories, impressions, messages, and reactions are also counted as engagements.

How do you beat Instagram algorithm?

Taking a more active role on Instagram is the most effective way to beat the algorithm and increase your Instagram engagement rate. Post original and engaging content that’ll attract the users’ attention. Adding captions to Stories is another good way to increase user engagement. Try to incorporate more videos in your posts; these are a proven way to increase engagement. Another good way to beat the algorithm is to host live videos and connect with your audience through a Q&A. Lastly, do your research and pick the hashtags that can bring the right audience to your brand.

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