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How To Cancel Your Netflix Account - Enough Is Enough

Updated: April 13,2022

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Immersing yourself in the world of fantasy and escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life can be relieving. On the other hand, wasting time and money on binge-watching TV shows every night might induce you to start anxiously Googling “How to cancel your Netflix account.”

Feeling guilty about wasting precious time isn’t the only reason people give up on their Netflix subscription. According to statistics, standard-definition video streaming on Netflix uses 1 GB of data per hour. If you’re on a bandwidth-capped plan, this can seriously burden your budget.

Whatever your reasons for giving up on this leading streaming service with more than 60 million subscribers, we’ll help you part ways with Netflix without any hard feelings.

Deleting the Account - Does That Even Count?

Deleting your profile or uninstalling the app won’t result in canceling Netflix - you’ll still be billed monthly. Vice versa, when you cancel your subscription, your account won’t be deleted immediately. Netflix will keep all the data linked to your profile, such as personal information, favorites, and your viewing history for the next 10 months, in case you change your mind.

If that bothers you, there is a solution. You don’t have to wait 10 months to have your account deleted. Simply send an email to [email protected] with your request, or hit the support agents up via live chat, choose the message that says “I want to delete my Netflix account,” and submit it.

Canceling Your Membership on Netflix.com

Different ways of subscribing require different approaches to canceling the subscription. The most common and easiest way is to visit the website. Simply hit www.netflix.com and log in to your account using any computer, phone, or tablet.

Here’s how to cancel your account on Netflix from there: Navigate to the top-right corner of the page and choose Account in the main menu - the one that appears when you click on your profile photo/name.

Then go to the Membership and Billing tab, click on the Cancel Membership button, and confirm. You’ll be offered to stick around by downgrading your subscription plan to save money or cancel your plan but stay in touch by receiving emails and notifications. Once you cancel, you’ll continue to have access to the service until the final date of the current billing cycle, and you won’t be charged for the following one.

Netflix account cancelation prompt

How To Cancel Your Netflix Account on Your Phone or Tablet

Android Users

Registering your Netflix account using your Android phone or tablet means that you’ll have to use the same device to cancel it. First, visit Google Play, go to the menu bar, choose Subscription, and tap Netflix to access the information about your membership. Once you do that, you’ll see the Cancel Subscription button you need to hit in order to cancel Netflix. Confirm and enjoy watching movies and TV shows until the end of the billing cycle.

google play subscription menu

Apple Users

Those who signed up via Apple devices and are billed by iTunes have two options. You can go to Settings on the homescreen of your device (gear-shaped icon) and tap your name on top of the Settings menu. Then, choose iTunes & App Store, type in your Apple ID, and verify your identity, if required. Now, tap Subscriptions, and hit Netflix Subscription. The last step would be to choose Cancel Subscription and confirm, and you’re good to go. 

view Apple ID

Another option for those who have signed up using their iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV is to cancel their Netflix subscription on iTunes on a computer. Mac users can see the iTunes music note icon on the Dock. Windows users need to download it from www.apple.com/itunes and install it. After the installation is complete, go to Account and then hit View My Account. Scroll all the way down to Subscriptions and choose to manage them. When you find Netflix, go to Edit, Cancel Subscription, and finally, Confirm.

Canceling Your Membership on Apple TV and Amazon Prime

Apple TV users can cancel their Netflix membership in a way similar to the methods listed above. Start by hitting the Settings gear icon, select Accounts, and then Manage Subscription. When you find Netflix in the menu, you’ll see the details of your subscription. Just choose the Cancel option and confirm it.

With Amazon Prime, things might get a bit more complicated. If you’ve ever gone through the Amazon Prime registration process, you know how tricky it can get. 

First, go to www.amazon.com and sign in to your Amazon account. Hit Account and Lists in the top-left corner, and pick Memberships & Subscriptions from the menu. Now, head to the bottom-left corner of the screen and find Prime Video under Channel Subscription. Go to Your Channel, choose Cancel Channel next to Netflix, and confirm. 

The #CancelNetflix Movement

A flood of Netflix subscription cancellations followed by the hashtag #CancelNetflix in September 2020 raised many an eyebrow. 

People usually leave the streaming platform for reasons such as subscribing to other streaming platforms, cutting costs, or losing patience with slow speeds (which can easily happen if, instead of a dedicated VPN for streaming services, you opt for a regular one). #CancelNetflix originated in a completely different place. 

Subscribers’ discontent with the service had largely to do with Netflix canceling their favorite TV shows or putting up movies they found offensive. Be it the sexualization of young girls in the French film “Cuties” or alleged religious insensitivity in “Messiah,” viewers tend to take issue with content they disapprove of and punish the streaming platform by cancelling their Netflix subscription. 

The Bottom Line

Whatever your reason for unsubscribing, the good news is that Netflix is flexible and doesn’t bound its users with strict contracts and long commitments. Canceling its services is straightforward and without any hidden fees, and you can renew your membership any time in case you have a change of heart. 


How do you cancel your subscription to Netflix?

Depending on the device you used when signing up, to unsubscribe from Netflix, you’ll have to go through a couple of steps. Start by accessing the Netflix Subscription option in your account, and choose Cancel Membership. You’ll be offered to stick around by downgrading to a cheaper plan or to definitely give up on your subscription. 

How do I cancel Netflix on my phone?

If you’re using an Android device, you can cancel your Netflix subscription through Google Play. IOS users should go to iTunes and, from there, follow the steps we’ve described in the article above. 

How do I deactivate Netflix on my TV?

Netflix cancellation for Apple TV users is pretty straightforward: Access Settings, then Accounts, and then Manage Subscriptions. In the end, choose Netflix in the menu and press Cancel. When it comes to Amazon Prime, you’ll have to go to www.amazon.com and pick the Memberships & Subscriptions option from your account. 

Can I deactivate Netflix on the app?

Yes, you can. If you’re using an Android phone or tablet, you can cancel your membership via Google Play. If you’re using an iOS device, go to iTunes, sign in to your account, and go through the steps all the way to the Cancel Subscription option. For a more detailed explanation, read our “How To Cancel Your Netflix Account” guide above.

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