What is ASUS MultiFrame?

Updated: April 13,2022

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Managing different task windows is always annoying and clunky. The Windows operating system that preceded Windows 10 was especially uncooperative when it came to simultaneously displaying multiple task windows on your screen. While Windows 10 came with a built-in screen splitter software that solved a lot of these problems, ASUS monitor users were given a dedicated software solution - ASUS MultiFrame.

What Is ASUS MultiFrame?

ASUS MultiFrame software is a completely free Windows-only application available to ASUS monitor users. The core function of this software is to allow you to organize multiple task windows on your screen, which gives you a clear overview of all the relevant information you need from these tabs. In addition to organizing task windows on a single screen, ASUS MultiFrame also lets you arrange windows across multiple screens. This is great if you use one monitor for gaming or drawing and another for browsing and work. Let’s take a closer look at how this software functions.

What Is ASUS MultiFrame Used for?

So what does this split screen software actually do? Its main purpose is to help you organize your desktop view when handling multiple task windows. Be it for leisure or work, more often than not, we need to keep multiple windows open on our desktop - a browser, a dedicated application, a writing tool, and so forth. Doing this manually is extremely difficult due to how task window scaling works in Windows OS. These different tasks constantly overlap, and scaling them by hand is often clunky and takes time. Most people just resort to Alt-Tabbing when switching between different windows.

without multiframe

Window overlap when not using MultiFrame

with multiframe

An example of a screen layout when using ASUS MultiFrame

So what is ASUS MultiFrame software useful for, and how does it help you assess multiple sources of information in context? It’s important to note that Alt-Tabbing is by no means an ideal solution, as it doesn’t really allow you to overview all the necessary information at the same time.

The ASUS MultiFrame software removes the need for these half measures by automating the process. In most cases, the software can divide your screen into four different sections. There are nine different windows division variants to choose from, dividing the screen into varying layouts. This is perhaps the most straightforward answer to the question: what is ASUS MultiFrame software?

Additionally, ASUS MultiFrame is incredibly useful when it comes to managing multiple monitors. Aside from letting you determine the layout, this multi screen software enables you to extend your desktop to another two monitors.

How Does ASUS MultiFrame Work?

The MultiFrame application can be freely downloaded from the official ASUS website. After installing the software, it will sit in your tray. By right-clicking the ASUS MultiFrame icon in the tray, you can access several important options.

So what exactly are these options, and what is ASUS MultiFrame appropriate for? To begin with, you can toggle the MultiFrame off and on, extend your desktop to other monitors, send a PowerPoint presentation to another monitor, enable mouse tracking, display monitor ID, and learn more about the software.

When the ASUS monitor software is toggled on, the control module button will appear in the top right corner of every task window next to the X and Enlarge buttons. Once you click the button, you can select the part of the screen where you want the software to place the task window on.

multiframe control button

ASUS MultiFrame control module

The ASUS MultiFrame mouse track option improves the visibility of your mouse cursor on the screen by adding a small black background to it. This is more useful than you’d think, as it’s easy to lose track of your cursor when handling multiple screens and task windows.

The show monitor ID option enables you to identify the main and extended monitors by displaying numbers from 1 to 3 on top - similar to how the Windows option for monitor identifying works. This provides you with a quick and easy way to determine which monitor is your main one.

So what is ASUS MultiFrame capable of when it comes to PowerPoint presentations? By extending your PowerPoint to another screen, you can easily teach a class or deliver work presentations in a dual-monitor setup.

ASUS MultiFrame Platform Availability

The unfortunate fact is that ASUS MultiFrame only works with ASUS monitors. Thankfully, there are alternatives. Windows 10 now features built-in task windows management features that are fairly similar to those offered by MultiFrame.

Aside from restricting ASUS MultiFrame software for ASUS monitors only, this software can be utilized only on Windows operating systems. The supported versions are Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.


How do I split my screen on ASUS?

The first option is to simply drag the desired window to the right edge of the screen, which will place it on the other monitor. Alternatively, you can use the ASUS MultiFrame to extend your desktop to another monitor.

How does ASUS MultiFrame work?

This software allows you to easily organize your task windows by placing them into designated parts of your screen, creating a split-screen setup. It can also be used for handling multiple-monitor setups.

What is ASUS MultiFrame?

This utility serves to organize multiple task windows on your desktop. So what is ASUS MultiFrame useful for? Well, the software enables you to avoid annoying overlap issues and alleviates the need for you to organize your desktop manually.

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