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Updated: September 12,2023
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With technology moving forward at an ever-increasing pace, keeping on top of everything can be challenging. Depending on your line of work, you may require a program that helps you track how much data your computer is using. You may also want to know what external threats have the potential to infiltrate your network. 

We’ve written this GlassWire review so that you can consider whether this could be the perfect firewall product to help you remain in control of your devices and know exactly how they work. 

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Starts at$39
  • Detailed network activity view
  • Improved internet security
  • Control who uses your internet
  • Remote server monitoring
What we liked
  • Superb, clear interface
  • Useful toolbox
  • Simple access to functions
  • Discreetly notifies you of security threats
What we disliked
  • Expensive
  • Likely not all that useful for the average user


We’ll review GlassWire tools and other features so that you can understand what this program is, what it does, and how it may help you optimize your experience with your devices. 

Visual Network Monitoring

GlassWire’s bread and butter is monitoring your networks. The program will track your internet usage and chart it for you in the form of an easy-to-understand graph. This includes your current internet usage and your history - either from the past six months or for an unlimited period, depending on which package you opt for. It shows which applications cause a certain amount of bandwidth to be used, allowing you to identify ways you can cut down on bandwidth.

You can examine the periods of internet usage in great detail using the slide system. While writing our GlassWire firewall review, we found this breakdown of usage valuable and worth paying attention to, as it allows you to plan how to optimize your network usage in the future. 

glasswire graph

Internet Security 

On top of tracking internet usage, GlassWire also provides you with extra internet security. You can take a more in-depth look at each application your computer uses to examine what your computer is communicating with over the internet. If something new on your computer accesses the internet, you’ll receive a notification to let you know. These alerts are discreet so that you’ll not feel like you’re being bombarded with them, which our review of GlassWire feels is excellent. 

In addition to this, GlassWire also features an internet security toolbox, which is excellent for helping you keep on top of all of the safety features on your device. If there are any unknown IPs or external threats to your computer, you’ll be alerted to their presence. Note that GlassWire doesn’t deal with these potential threats; the program simply notifies you of their presence, meaning that the onus is on you to take further action if you consider them to be significant.   

Remote Server Monitoring

Another of GlassWire’s first-rate features is the remote server monitoring service. This allows you to track internet usage and activities on other devices that are covered on your subscription. The GlassWireBasic package provides three remote servers, Pro package ten, and the Elite unlimited. In this review on GlassWire firewall software, we consider the Basic package great for personal use and Pro and Elite for small businesses. A firewall such as GlassWire is excellent for companies as they can track employees' internet activity and usage, allowing them to develop better strategies for improving productivity.

On top of monitoring employees’ work habits, GlassWire will also provide your firm’s network with an extra layer of security. The importance of that cannot be overstated if it helps your business stave off external threats. 


If you review GlassWire, you’ll quickly discover that the program helps you improve the privacy of your network. It boosts the standard security of your internet connection and gives you increased control over access privileges. If GlassWire alerts you to anything suspicious on your computer or network, you can immediately block it. This allows you to see all devices on the network and enables you to block WiFi users who are on your network without permission. 

glasswire apps
User Experience

The next part of our GlassWire review examines what it’s like to use the application. One of GlassWire’s strongest points is its design. You shouldn’t face any issues working your way around the application, its toolbox, and all of its other features. The graph that displays your internet’s bandwidth levels is clear and easy to understand, even for new users. If anything, it turns the tedious job of tracking your internet activity into a fun and intriguing task that you may quickly become addicted to. 

Another thing we’d like to highlight in our GlassWire user review is that the program itself keeps a low profile. Quite often, firewall software can be overbearing by sending you constant updates about your internet traffic status. The designers behind GlassWire clearly understand this irritation, which is why they’ve made the program as discreet as possible. You can adjust your notification settings so that you only get notified when you wish and depending on the seriousness of the alert. 

glasswire traffic

Supported Devices

Unfortunately, we can’t write a GlassWire review for Macs because the application isn’t yet compatible with Apple’s technology and systems. Work is in progress, however, and we’re expecting news of GlassWire’s compatibility with Mac devices soon. For the time being, it’s a Windows-based application that works with Windows 7 and all subsequent versions. 

There’s some good news for mobile users: the program might work on your phone, too. We can only provide you with a GlassWire Android review - naturally, it doesn’t yet work on iOS devices - but we can confirm that the program does its job admirably. The Android app, just like the computer-based version of the program, allows you to keep track of what applications are using the internet on your phone and how much data they are consuming. This is particularly useful for tracking your monthly mobile data usage and ensuring you don’t exceed your data cap.

Granted, you can already track this from your phone, so you may be wondering why this is relevant. That’s why our GlassWire Android app review should point out that the information you get from this specialist program is much more comprehensive, is displayed more clearly, and provides further detailed analysis of your phone’s internet usage. 

The app is sold separately from the computer-based program, so you’ll have to pay for it separately, albeit at the low cost of $9.99 per year. Overall, we feel it is worth downloading if you’re genuinely curious about tracking and managing your phone’s data usage. Otherwise, you can probably give it a miss.

Customer Service 

Our review of GlassWire customer service left us with somewhat mixed feelings. To start with, GlassWire offers an excellent range of instructions on using the program on its website and has excellent FAQs. If you’re having issues, you’ll likely be able to solve them by reading the detailed guides on Glasswire’s website. There’s also a community forum where you can ask questions and discuss any usability issues with other GlassWire customers.

If, however, you can’t solve your issue on your own, then further customer support options are below par, to say the least. There’s no phone support helpline, nor is there a live chat service allowing you to speak directly to a customer support agent. Instead, GlassWire reviews your queries exclusively via email. This may not be ideal for everyone, although we can say that we’ve received a prompt response from the company whenever we’ve reached out via email. Nevertheless, in 2021 you’d expect more.


Of course, the most significant factors to assess when considering this type of software are price and value for money. GlassWire offers several plans, all of which are worth looking at.


While we’re on the topic, we’ll squeeze in our GlassWire free firewall review. As is the industry standard, GlassWire offers a free trial of its software to help you decide whether or not it’s worth purchasing. The free trial gives you access to all levels of the program, allowing you to judge which one suits you best. 

After the week has passed, you’ll have the choice of purchasing the Basic, Pro, or Elite package. You may also continue with a free version of GlassWire, although this option lacks all of the excellent features that make the paid packages worthwhile. You’ll just receive one month of history and one remote connection. As with anything good, you must pay.


Now it’s time for a quick GlassWire Basic review. The subscription costs $39 per year and allows you to install and access the program on one PC. From this PC, you can track up to three remote connections and view chart history up to six months in the past. It contains all of the other features we’ve mentioned previously up to the same levels as the Pro and Elite versions. 

So, even though this is the Basic version, would we say it’s worth purchasing for the average computer user? No, we wouldn’t. Instead, we’d recommend this to freelancers who work in software development or website building who need to track their work and other features of their computer’s network to aid them professionally. As always, though, it can’t hurt to give the free trial a shot and see whether or not you find it beneficial. 


While researching for our GlassWire Pro review, we came to the conclusion that the extra features in this package would be beneficial for small businesses. Its scope is likely too big for most freelancers, but if you have to manage other work, you’ll probably find decent value in this package, depending on your needs. At $69 per year, the Pro package allows users to access ten connections and up to one year of network history from three PCs. 


GlassWire’s Elite package is the tier we’d recommend to larger businesses looking to keep track of their company’s and employees’ internet usage. This program differs from the other two packages in that it provides the user with unlimited remote connections and unlimited access to the user’s history from up to 10 PCs. Taking the price of $99 per year into account for our GlassWire Elite review, we’d say that this represents a drop in the ocean for larger businesses and can provide excellent value. What’s more, if you stop using one of these 10 PCs, then the license can be transferred over to a new one. 

Keep a sharp eye out for GlassWire discounts, as special offers often pop up after you’ve been browsing the website for a few minutes. It’s also worth noting that you can pay for a GlassWire subscription using Bitcoin if that’s your preferred payment method. 

Overall, we’d say GlassWire is relatively expensive for what it offers, so you should definitely check out the free trial first to see if it fits your needs. 

GlassWire Pricing Plans


$39 /yr
  • 1 PC
  • 6-month history
  • 3 remote connections
  • All security features
  • Ask to connect
  • Lock down mode
  • Mini graph
  • Hide app activity


$69 /yr
  • 3 PCs
  • 1-year history
  • 10 remote connections
  • All security features
  • Ask to connect
  • Lock down mode
  • Mini graph
  • Hide app activity


$99 yr
  • 10 PCs
  • Unlimited history
  • Unlimited remote connections
  • All security features
  • Ask to connect
  • Lock down mode
  • Mini graph
  • Hide app activity

How Does GlassWire Compare to Other Firewall Products

GlassWire Logo
Starts at: $39
  • Detailed network activity view
  • Improved internet security
  • Control who uses your internet
  • Remote server monitoring
  • Network time machine
SolarWinds Logo
Starts at $Custom Price
  • Audit trail
  • Network and host intrusion detection
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Security event log
  • Detailed reporting tools
Windows 10 Firewall Logo
Starts at Free
  • No setup required
  • Real-time monitoring
  • User friendly
  • Network activity monitor
  • Included with every Windows 10 copy


Now that you’ve read through this review of the GlassWire firewall, we hope you can make a sound judgment about whether it or not it’s worth considering for your needs. We’ll start by reiterating that we wouldn’t recommend this program to standard computer users. After all, Windows 10 Firewall should be enough for you, and you may find much of the terminology on GlassWire to be complicated to the extent that it goes over your head.

However, if you’re an IT professional or the owner of a small business that uses Windows devices, then it’s well worth looking into the latest version once you’ve read our GlassWire review in 2021.
The pricing is a bit steep for what you get. However, if internet tracking and firewall protection are essential for your line of work, then you’ll understand that it’s probably still worth the cost. By being able to track internet usage and monitor how your device interacts with others, you can begin to optimize your data usage. 

Of course, you should take advantage of the free trial, so you can make your own review on GlassWire firewall software and discern whether or not it’s right for your needs. 

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Is GlassWire a Subscription?

GlassWire comes with a fee that covers one year of usage, from which point you can choose to continue with it by paying again or let it lapse. You can start with an all-access seven-day trial to see which subscription works best for you. Choose from the Basic, Pro, and Elite plans to optimize your computer’s performance based on your needs.

What Is The Use Of GlassWire?

In our in-depth buyers guide above, we explain what is GlassWire, review the program, and give you an idea of whether it’s right for you. GlassWire is third-party firewall software for Windows. Now, Windows already comes with a pre-installed firewall to protect your computer from external threats. GlassWire’s primary value is that it provides you with a deeper analysis of how external programs affect your computer, as well as providing detailed information on your data usage.

How Much Does GlassWire Cost?

The cost of GlassWire is dependent on your subscription. There’s a free version available, although it only offers very limited tools. To get full access to all of GlassWire’s features, you’ll need to sign up for one of the Basic, Pro, or Elite packages. These cost an annual fee of $39, $69, and $99, respectively.

Is GlassWire A Firewall?

Yes, GlassWire is a Windows-based firewall that gives you extra options and insight above and beyond what the standard Windows firewall provides. GlassWire gives you complete oversight and control over your network. It lets you view data usage, see which devices are connected to your network, and monitor any potential threats. By reading our full and in-depth GlassWire review, you’ll be able to get a better idea of whether or not it’s the right firewall software for you. 

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