Mobile Casino Apps vs. Mobile Casino Website: Which is better for My Mobile Casino Experience?

Ever since the advent of the first online casinos back in 1996, online gambling has gradually taken over its land-based alternatives. As a result, you will find that the number of players visiting online casinos every day far outweighs the number of visitors that brick-and-mortar casinos have. This trend happened due to the convenience offered by online platforms.

However, the option that, arguably, provides the best playing experience today is the mobile casino. With mobile devices, players can easily access and play their favorite games on the go, anytime and anywhere, without needing to sit in front of a desktop PC or laptop. With mobile gaming, there are two options available for players to use in playing. You can play on casino websites through your device’s web browser, or you can download an app to play.

Let’s look at these two options to see what they both offer and which one provides a better gaming experience.

Mobile Casino Sites

In today’s gaming world, players can easily access and play their favorite casino game by visiting online casino sites through their mobile device's web browser.

Back when the first online casinos started, mobile devices didn’t have the functionality they have today, so casino sites were mainly designed for computers. This was when Flash was the primary option for rendering casino gaming, and even with the functionality of mobile devices today, Flash technology is not convenient for mobile play. 

With the advent of HTML5, online casino sites can now be rendered for mobile optimization, and casino games became available to players on mobile devices.

Mobile Casino Apps

Aside from the website option of playing casino games, another alternative available to players is mobile apps. Casino mobile apps are mobile software platforms created and designed by online gambling operators to provide casino games to players through their mobile devices. These apps are usually designed for all types of mobile operating systems, which means that you can generally find casino apps for Android and iOS platforms. In addition, many casino apps usually feature multiple games at a time, while some are more focused on a single type of game, such as Poker or Slot. Despite their popularity, mobile casino apps may not be available in all countries due to legal constraints. One example is Australia, where real money gambling apps have been removed from the iOS and Android app stores due to the Interactive Gambling Act's ban on real money gambling apps. Because the act of using a casino app is not illegal, it has created a grey area in which casino apps are still available from offshore operators. To the question of whether gambling apps are legal, Australia-Casino responds, "While top app stores like the App Store or Google Play are showing their support for the Australian law by planning to ban the use of casino apps, it's still legal to use casino apps that are still available." Australia is not alone in this regard, and it is critical to thoroughly review the gambling legislation before downloading any apps intended for use with real money bets.

App vs. Website

The difference between browser gambling and app gambling is largely determined by the type of games you play. There are numerous advantages to using an app for sports betting, but what about traditional slot machines? Is there even a difference between the mobile and app experience? The fact remains that whether you choose to play through a website or with a mobile app, you will be able to play your favorite casino games online. However, the two options differ in many ways. Whether it is in terms of functionality, performance, convenience, and many other considerations, you will find some marked differences between the website and app options of online gambling. Let’s have a look at some of the ways they differ from each other.


Mobile apps are distinctively designed exclusively for operating systems. This means that apps created for iOS software platforms are not compatible with Android OS, and most gambling operators provide separate apps for both operating systems. However, often, you will come across apps that cater only to the Android OS without considering its iOS counterparts. So, if you perhaps choose to switch from an Android device to an iOS device, you won’t be able to play games with your favorite app if the operator does not provide the app for iOS users.  

However, with the HTML5 technology most operators use nowadays, websites are not limited by operating systems. Therefore, whether you are playing with an Android-enabled device or with an iOS-enabled device, you will be able to play on the same website and enjoy seamless gameplay.  


One of the most significant disadvantages of mobile apps is that you need to download and install the app before accessing games. This will take up a certain amount of space on your device's memory, and if you like playing across multiple platforms, the storage space this will take up will be more. If limited storage is an issue for you, you should probably consider the website option. With a casino site, you won’t need to download an app before playing, which will cost you no extra storage space on your device.


While it is much faster to access and play casino games for the first time via casino websites, it is usually dependent on the network speed available. On the other hand, mobile apps are generally much faster and more reliable than casino websites, regardless of internet speed.

Bonus offers

One thing that you will find common across many gambling sites is the provision of casino bonus offers. When new players sign up to play at new gambling sites, they get these bonuses, and they also get them during promotions and other programs. In addition to the typical bonuses that you will find on their sites, many casinos offer some hefty bonuses and promotions when you download and install their native apps to play games.

Selection of Options/Games

One common thing across many casino sites with native apps is that you may not get to enjoy their full gaming options on the native apps. This is because the collections of games in such apps are usually not as extensive as you would find on the web browser.

Furthermore, it is easier for operators to quickly make changes and update casino sites in a short time, which means that any new updates will be readily available to players immediately. However, when it comes to casino apps, updates take a while, and players will have to download the new update before accessing the latest features.

Which is Better?

So, is there particularly any benefit of accessing your favorite casino game with one of these two options over the other? It all boils down to your preference and which platform meets your requirement. One sure thing is that with the smartphones available today, today you will have a great playing experience on either.


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