Latest Research in Innovative Security Systems

There has been a lot of innovation when it comes to security systems. Whether we are talking about commercial or home buildings, there are numerous ways to improve on the general security of any facility. That is precisely what we are going to explore here. The evolution of security systems is important as it features numerous ways to protect places and people for that matter.  In the past, a simple security system that "goes off" was enough, but today, a security system is so much more sophisticated. You may have your entire home or commercial building protected at a low cost while maintaining high efficiency of the resulting product. With this in mind, we take a look at what types of alarms there are.

Sensitive Window Alarms

Windows are clearly the most vulnerable point of your home as well as for commercial venues, and as such, significant effort has gone into bolstering the overall safety of these weaknesses. One way to improve security is by introducing sensitive window sensors that are there to ensure that you will not have to worry about your windows being broken or breached. 

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Of course, other people tend to use even sturdier windows, to begin with. You can take armored windows that are very difficult to break or even impossible without expending a considerable effort. Frames used to be a bit of a weak spot, but that has improved.  In a word, your home will be completely safe do what you will if you install the proper sensitive window alarms. The same applies to commercial buildings naturally, as windows are usually where most people breakthrough.

Micro-Sized Motion, Heat and Sound Detectors

There are other things that have made it into mainstream security that are important. So, you have your micro-sized motion, heat, and sound detectors. While this may seem like an exaggeration, these detectors are actually capable of making out different sounds and heat signatures.  If a cat walks into a detector, you don't want to raise the whole neighborhood. Instead, a much simpler option is to use advanced and smart tracking systems that make it so much easier and more reliable to sort out your security needs.  The evolution and precision of surveillance systems have really made it possible for people to enjoy and appreciate a safer overall environment. Of course, you don't have to get all of them, but they are generally a great way to micro-control any environment and ensure it's always protected.

Drone Surveillance

If you are a fan of flexible solutions, drone surveillance seems to be a top choice for you. Drones are incredibly capable solutions that will make it possible to protect any area and ensure that it is safe.  Thanks to a drone's built-in detectors, cameras, and sensors, a drone is really much like a private guard who will roam around your property with the occasional battery re-charge. A drone can read heat signatures as well, it can use immediate facial recognition and it can spot suspicious movement on your property, alerting you immediately.  While a camera may have particular angles that can be dodged, a drone has a 360-degree view of everything that happens on your property, allowing you to quickly and efficiently achieve several things:

  • Cover every area that needs to be safe and protected
  • Ensure that you are always protected around the clock
  • Overcome difficulties traditional cameras face on a day-to-day basis
  • Ensure that your property is protected in a way criminals can't counteract

Of course, drone surveillance is not entirely fool-proof and there could be ways to challenge the drone monitoring your property. However, security firms are smart and they often deploy backup drones that are small and quick and can aid the main drone if they suspect a criminal is trying to take it down, for one.

Inside-the-Home Surveillance

If you want to keep your privacy but don't mind having home surveillance we recommend NOT using fixed cameras. This could give criminals access directly to your living room. Instead, we recommend using drone-like cameras that are discreet and fly around your home. They will ALWAYS spot movement and will alert you if there is something fishy going around.  It's important to always account for these cameras though as, once again, criminals may try to gain remote access to your home. It's important to always stay vigilant but thankfully, the evolution of home security systems has really helped close the gap between owners, businesses, and criminals in the sense that the latter are no longer able to just break into your property as easily.

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