Is Big Navi Finally Here? EEC Registration Fuels Speculation
The highly anticipated “Nvidia killer” Radeon RX 5950XT and other high end AMD graphics cards could be dropping sooner than expected. A slew of AMD graphics cards popped up on the official Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) regulatory website earlier this week. These include the yet unrelease
ADATA Expands Into New Territory With XPG Xenia Gaming Laptop
The high-performance gaming laptop market is getting another contender. ADATA, a Taiwanese memory and storage manufacturer, is launching launched its first gaming laptop. ADATA is best known for hard drives, RAM, and USBs. Under its XPG brand, the company is putting forward its first products for
China’s Bans Foreign Software and Hardware for Government PCs
Chinese government to dump foreign hardware & software by 2022   All government computers in China will be purged of foreign hardware and software in the coming three years. Ordered by the government in Beijing, the ban extends to all IT products developed outside China, including popular o
China’s Xiaomi Demos Ultra-Fast Mobile Charging
Faster recharges are in the cards for users of mobile devices from China’s Xiaomi. The Beijing-based mobile manufacturer has unveiled plans to bring 100 watt charging to at least one mobile device in 2020. Attendees at Xiaomi’s annual user conference learned that the company’s future phones
Nvidia Watcher Previews New High-End Graphics Card
Leaked details of a next-generation graphics card suggest that Nvidia is working on a successor to the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti that will challenge the top-of-the-line Titan RTX in performance.  According to tweets from Nvidia expert kopite7kimi, Nvidia plans to harness the full power of the Turing a
Researchers develop tactile sensor based on vision tech
A tactile sensor that uses cameras instead of pressure pads to measure the force being applied to a surface has been demonstrated by researchers at ETH University of Zurich. The technology could service as the basis for soft robotic skins or prosthetics that use computer vision algorithms instead
Corsair Announces the iCue LS100 Smart LED Strips
Corsair Components has introduced a line of smart LED strips to provide ambient lighting for PCs and media installations. Corsair’s LS100 smart lighting strips use the company’s iCUE software to customize and synchronize lighting effects. The $120 LS100 starter kit includes a controller, t
Patent Application Provides Apple Watch Wristband Preview
Smart wristbands may be on the menu for Apple Watch users in the near future. A patent filing discovered by intellectual property watchers at Patently Apple shows that the company is developing a wristband with multiple electromyography sensors embedded into it.  Physicians use EMG sensors to
AMD launches $49 Athlon CPU with integrated GPU
AMD has introduced the Athlon 3000G, a dual-core, quad-thread processor based on its Zen+ architecture. The processor comes with integrated Vega 3 graphics and 4 MB of L3 cache. The chip has its own cooler and support for DDR4 RAM up to 2,933 MHz. A minor performance boost over AMD’s previous v