Selfies, Celebs, and Stories – Oh My! 30 Shocking Snapchat Statistics
Ever since the internet’s humble beginnings we have found ways to embarrass ourselves online. After all, what better way to herald a new age of enlightenment than by flooding the internet with pictures and videos that you’ll soon wish you’d never taken in the first place? [post_snippet]
Fairies Wear Boots: Women in Tech Statistics for 2020
While they make up nearly half the American workforce, the percentage of women in tech amounts to only 20%. When it comes to women in leadership positions, the figures are even lower. What is the cause of this huge gender disparity in the tech industry? In an attempt to avoid conformist, traditio
Read These Android Usage Statistics, You Should!
A long time ago in a Samsung Galaxy far, far away, Android OS changed the way we use mobile phones. Okay, that’s not exactly true. It was only 11 years ago, it happened in California, and the Samsung Galaxy hadn’t even been invented yet. But we stick by our main point; the release of Android
25 Marketing Automation Statistics You Need to Be Aware Of
It wasn't pleasant joining the ranks of marketing automation statistics in 2005. Just ask Sean Lane. His purchase of a surprise Christmas present - a diamond ring - was promoted without his consent or knowledge to all his Facebook friends. That included his wife, who promptly called to not-so-gentl
Text, Don’t Call: Messaging Apps Statistics for 2020
Chances are your phone has already vibrated a few times since you started reading this article. Messaging apps statistics also tell us there’s a huge chance that some of those messages came to your phone through an app owned by Facebook. Corporate consolidation in the tech sector is particularl
Astounding Artificial Intelligence Statistics for 2020
Artificial intelligence is poised to transform the way we live, from everyday tasks to complex, large-scale projects. Our future will be molded by machine learning and automated systems. These mind-warping artificial intelligence statistics are all you need to prepare you for the artificial intellig
40 Flabbergasting Amazon Statistics
What would you like to order today — a new electric kettle? A couple of novels for your vacation? Maybe a thick wool sweater to keep you cozy? Or maybe you’d like to explore some of the weirder options: bacon strip bandages, real-life potato heads, stuffed blobfish plushies, or our personal favo
30 Virtual Reality Statistics for 2020
There was a time in the early 1990s when you couldn't pick up a magazine or watch a movie without virtual reality experiences tempting you to tumble down a digital rabbit hole with Alice and the White Rabbit. Then - poof! It all seemed to vanish. Virtual reality statistics show that VR started d
Mobile Killed the PC Star: Mobile Gaming Statistics for 2020
Games have been on mobile phones forever. From simple games like Tetris and Snake to mobile versions of Fortnite and Hearthstone, the smartphone is undeniably a gaming platform. It’s an unlikely result. Smartphones don’t have keyboards, much less joysticks. Gamers crave wall-size screens, not
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