Augmented Reality Statistics: Better Than Real Life
AR technology uses specialized hardware and software to blend the virtual world with real-world settings. With AR, users interact with both virtual and real objects. Augmented reality is easy to dismiss as a watered-down version of fully immersive virtual reality, but that is misleading. AR syste
41 Voice Search Statistics You Need to Hear in 2020
Voice search, digital assistants, facial recognition, and smart speakers are buzzwords we’ve been hearing a lot over the past decade. But the industry that helps you stay lazy has been around for longer than that. Back in 1962, the world was impressed with IBM’s Shoebox being able to recognize 1
Video Gaming Addiction Statistics: Real Problem or Phony Panic?
When people tried to imagine the yet to be realized cyber world more than three decades ago, they didn't have video gaming addiction statistics to contend with. Many dreamt of a new utopian era in which information, cultural influences and opinions flew freely to the benefit of mankind. But others
eCommerce Statistics & the Industry’s Vibrant Future
It used to be that if you wanted something really badly, you’d write a letter to the North Pole. Also, ideally you’d be under the age of 12 and well-behaved all year. These days we have Amazon, Aliexpress. and eBay. You don’t have to write a letter. You don’t have to be good. All you need
Video Gaming Statistics: From Basements to Maseratis
The year is 2019. A man who plays video games has a net worth of $30 million. No, I don’t mean a professional gamer who competes in tournaments - just a guy who plays video games and makes YouTube videos of himself playing. He’s worth $30 million. The successes of Pewdiepie - and other YouTub
Crowdfunding Statistics: United We Stand, Divided We Fall
During the 1982 Conservative Party Conference in the United Kingdom, Margaret Thatcher famously said, “There is no such thing as society: There are individual men and women, and there are families.” Thankfully, crowdfunding statistics say she was wrong. Crowdfunding, as a form of collective f
The Evolution of Chat: WeChat Statistics for a New Era
你好,西方间谍!欢迎来到我们辉煌的选择惊人的微信统计! If you didn’t catch any of that, chances are you are not the primary target demographic contributing to the rapid rise of one of the world’s biggest social networking ecosystems. Or my Chinese needs a serious br
37 Google Search Statistics You Should Know in 2020
Google. Yours truly. We’ve both come a long way since 1999. Back then it took Google a month to crawl and index 50 million pages. It took me at least half an hour to crawl home after a big night out. By 2012, Google was doing its thing in less than a minute, and I’ve come to appreciate toning it
Chrome Usage Statistics for 2020: Ride Eternal and Bring Lots of RAM
Dear reader, If you’re reading this article etched on a large stone in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, then these Chrome usage statistics won’t be much use to you. Someone has wasted a perfectly good stone. However, if the End of Days has not yet befallen you, then there’s a 64.92% chance
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