How to Set Up a VPN on Android for Free
Using a VPN is key to keeping your online activity safe and private. While most people have learned about the importance of implementing VPNs on their computers and browsers, many leave their phones woefully unprotected. For users looking to patch up this hole in their cyber defenses, we’ve prepar
Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Hidden Features
When you get a new phone, you usually want access to all of its features. But most times, somehow, we end up using just a portion of the options that modern smartphones typically offer. That’s why, in this article, we’ll discuss some of the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime’s best hidden features, re
Hidden iPhone 7 Features
Ever since they showed up in 2016, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s Plus have made an everlasting mark on the mobile market. Apple paired these two with a unique operating system, beefy hardware capabilities, and many quality of life improvements and features. Now, in 2021, these phones might have been
iPhone 7 Plus vs iPhone 8 Plus – Which Apple iOS is Better ?
Adding a bigger number at the end of the Apple product usually means better performance, advanced features, and superior design, as well as - of course - a higher price tag. So, is the price increase worth it? Is the iPhone 8 Plus that better than its forerunner? We’ll answer those questions and m
How to Update Apps on Android: The Ultimate Guide for Android Users
According to the latest statistics, we’re using apps 90% of the time we spend on smartphones. Since we’re using them so much, we need them to run properly. Google keeps releasing new versions of Android, adding new features, and fixing problems. However, these apps need to be updated regularly,
How to Detect a Virus on Your Android: Protect Your Phone
For a long time, cellphone viruses were considered a modern myth, and most users thought that, unlike computers, our mobile companions are immune to harmful software. Unfortunately, this was an illusion: In 2004, a hacker group called 29A created a cellphone worm and sent it to several cybersecur
iOS 14 vs. Android 11: Which Is the Ultimate Smartphone OS?
The unveiling of the newest generation of smartphones hasn’t done much to settle the long-running debate about which device is better - an iPhone or an Android? The war between the iOS and Android crowd has been raging since the very founding of these two mobile operating systems. While both si
How to Make Folders on iPhone: A Step-By-Step Guide
With 2.2 million apps in the App Store, iPhone users really are spoiled for choice these days. Mobile apps now play an indispensable role in our lives, especially since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. We can use them to communicate with our family and friends, access movies and music streami
YouTube vs Twitch: The Streaming War Continues
In 2014, Amazon acquired Twitch for $970 million. Even at the time, Twitch was known as the live-streaming counterpart to YouTube, and the impact it had on the streaming world was tremendous. For years afterwards, Twitch has continued to hold top spot. YouTube joined the live-streaming fray in 20
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