How to Move Steam Games to Another Drive
If you’re a PC gamer, it’s pretty likely that you’re a Steam gamer, too. The platform has more than a billion members and over 120 million monthly active users, and there’s a lot of them wondering how to move Steam games to another drive without downloading them again. With broadband inte
What Is Radeon Chill? A Small Guide to AMD’s Coolest Feature
AMD is back in the game. After years of playing catch-up with NVIDIA in the high-end GPU market, the new RDNA 2 architecture brought the company back in contention. Other than a revolutionary new chip architecture, a key part of AMD’s success in recent years involves a huge overhaul of their GPU s
How to Update Radeon Drivers – Bring up your A game
If you’re planning on getting a new AMD Radeon graphics card or have one already, you know it will work better with up-to-date drivers. Your GPU makes all your PC gaming adventures possible, so it’s best
43 Useful Online Banking Statistics – All About Mobile Money!
The pervasiveness of digital banking is evidence that the Web has gained enough credibility to make ordinary people feel comfortable moving their money around without involving cash or paper checks. Sooner or later, we will subco
50+ Supercharged Electric Car Statistics You Should Know in 2020
King Richard III would have given his kingdom for just one horse. These days, you can get the power of hundreds of horses in a single rechargeable battery. So why aren’t we all rushing out to car dealerships to buy our own emissions-free vehicles? Well, in an age of nearly sentient robots, self-dr
Operating System Market Share – Bill Gates Is Still Alone at the Top!
Think of all the tiny parts within your computer as a construction crew. Each of these parts has its role to play in the system. All members of the team specialize in something. But they wouldn’t accomplish anything meaningful without a capable manager to keep all parties in line and execute order
How Many eCommerce Sites Are There in 2020?
E-commerce sites changed the way people shop. As the internet became more widespread during the 2000s, early e-commerce companies like Amazon and eBay became giants over the years. Today the e-commerce industry is constantly expanding. But how many eCommerce sites are there in 2020? Believe it or no
Social Media Usage Statistics – Click ‘Follow’ for more!
Typically, young people are the first to adopt social media apps the moment they pop up. It’s only later on that older people start catching up with the trend. Perhaps due to the lack of any new social media platforms over the last couple of years, social media usage statistics have been stagnatin
How Much Time Does the Average Person Spend on Their Phone?
Brrrt. It’s your phone vibrating. In the middle of a client meeting. You are making a good impression as usual. Whether you are reaching for your device to read the latest tweetstorm, message a friend or simply play games, these devices have become an essential part of our belongings. So
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