How To Stream on Discord: Share Your Epic Gamer Moments With the World
Streaming video games is not as easy as it seems. You need a beefy PC with a fast CPU and powerful graphics card, a good gaming mic, a camera or two, not to mention a fast internet connection. It doesn’t always have to be that complicated, though - provided that you learn how to stream on Discord.
How To Sync the Xbox One Controller – A Hands-On Approach
You’ve just bought a brand new Xbox console or got one as a present, and you’re impatient to try it out, but there’s one problem: How do you sync an Xbox controller with the console? And to add to the headache, you have no idea how to connect it to your PC either. Don’t worry; it isn’t tha
How to Get Bits on Twitch – Start Cheering Right Away
In 2016, Twitch unveiled its own digital currency that viewers can use to encourage and show support for streamers. Thanks to Twitch Bits, streamers get to set up tip jars, allowing those using the platform to compensate them for their content creation efforts through microtransactions. Unlike a Twi
How To Make Money Playing Video Games: From Bits to Riches
Gaming is a common hobby. But is it possible to turn it into a full-time paying job? Can you actually earn a living by owning noobs at Dota, doing amazing flickshots in Counter-Strike, or demonstrating that you and your friends have the best League of Legends tactics? Yes, you absolutely can, and yo
4G vs 5G Speed: The Quest for Mobile Supremacy
5G is the fifth generation mobile technology, and it’s slowly replacing its predecessor, 4G. That’s given rise to a 4G vs. 5G speed showdown that extends to the way we live, work, and play. The latter is improving our everyday lives while treating us to lightning-fast download speeds. The high d
Buying a Used Phone: A Comprehensive Guide for Deal Hunters
Mobile phones are constantly being upgraded with the latest features and more accommodating designs that pack plenty of horsepower into small smartphones. But not everyone can afford a shiny new phone. A growing number of consumers are keeping their costs down with great deals on used versions of ol