Steam Hardware Survey: NVIDIA on Top, AMD on Intel’s Heels
Steam’s September 2021 hardware survey is out, and the results show that NVIDIA is extending its GPU lead over AMD: As 75.8% of gaming PCs have NVIDIA GPUs, this is not surprising. NVIDIA’s RTX 30xx graphics are sought-after by gamers, but can be found in a limited number of PCs: 1.69% contai
Windows 11 Severely Impacting Gaming Performance
Windows 11 is now officially available for download, but it seems that it has some issues that will significantly impact the gaming experience. According to benchmarks, there is a feature that may reduce your performance by around 25%, which is a considerable loss. So what is it all about? The la
Achievements Arriving at the Epic Games Store
Three years after its launch on the Windows PC platform, Epic Games Store will finally implement player achievements. As Epic announced on October 4, the update is scheduled to go live next week. Epic’s achievement system will be similar to the one that Xbox and Playstation have. Players will e
New World Launched With Bug Fixes and Streamer Mode
Amazon’s newest multiplayer online role-playing game is officially out for PC. New World was one of the more eagerly awaited MMOs of the year. It’s development process was plagued by dysfunctions and reports of mismanagement that led to repeated delays. And even though the game is now live in al
Seagate Refresh of Hamr Hard Drives to Feature 30TB Models
Seagate is working on a refresh of its 20TB HAMR hard drives, which will feature a significant capacity upgrade to around 30 terabytes of storage. The company started selling the first generation of the HAMR drives in December 2020, taking the fight to the best external hard drives with more traditi
Apple Announces New iPhone 13: Price Surprises Users
During its “California Streaming” event, Apple announced a range of new products, including new iPads, Apple Watches as well as its iPhone 13 and 13 Pro lineup. And while the smartphones will feature expected performance upgrades, the price was a surprise.  Despite rumors that the new iPhone
New Features for Future Controller Explored by Sony
In the wait for the upcoming PS6, Sony seems to have set its mind on treating its users with new features for the next iteration of its gaming controller.  Patently Apple, an organization that conducts patent research, and keeps track of updates in the field, noted that Sony is working on possib
Bats Inspiring Science: Machine-Learning Algorithm Generates Images from Sounds
Scientists have figured out a way to give smart devices a “bat sense” of their surroundings by using a machine-learning algorithm to create images of the immediate environment from echoes and sounds alone. The research, outlined in a paper published in the Physical Review Letters journal, was
Sony Partnering and Investing in Discord
Sony has unveiled its plans to bring popular chat application Discord to PlayStation consoles. The Japanese tech giant has got its eye on the immensely popular gamer-focused app, shooting down the rumors about Microsoft acquiring Discord. According to an official announcement by Jim Ryan, Preside