Xiaomi Passes Apple in the Global Smartphone Market
According to a market report by Canalys, popular Chinese consumer electronics company Xiaomi has surpassed Apple, becoming the world’s second-largest smartphone manufacturer. The company now holds a 17% share of the global smartphone market, trailing only behind Samsung with 19%. Xiaomi increas
Foxconn’s iPhone 13 Assembly Recruits Offered Highest Sign-Up Bonuses to Date
In preparation for the rollout of the new iPhone 13 in September 2021, the Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Foxconn is offering its former employees a record-high sign-up bonus to assist in the production of the phone over the next few months. Those willing to come back for the peak season to F
Component Supply Bottlenecks Limit Handset Market Recovery
Upon finishing Q1 2021 with a growth of 26%, the global smartphone market is facing limitations, as component shortages and supply issues are hindering its recovery. The hard-hit industry showed rapid growth after a steep decline caused by COVID-19 restrictions. However, its future trajectory mig
Mavix Enters Exclusive Chair Partnership with NSG
Gaming chair specialists Mavix have signed a partnership with the esports infrastructure company Nerd Street Gamers (NSG). The deal will make Mavix NSG’s exclusive partner, providing gaming chairs for all Localhost offices and esports tournaments. The two companies will also work together on influ
NVMe 2.0 Offers PCIe Hard Drive Support
NVM Express, Inc. has released a new non-volatile memory express 2.0 specification on June 3, 2021, bringing NVMe support to PCIe-connected hard drives. While it won’t help most hard drives right now, the specification could soon unify most future storage devices under one NVMe solution. Due to
Graphene Enables 10 Times Higher Data Storage on Hard Drives
A study by Graphene Flagship partner researchers has recently shown that graphene can be used to make ultrahigh-density hard disk drives with 10 terabits per square inch of magnetic data storage - 10 times more than current hard drives have. Cambridge Graphene Center study author Anna Ott said that
AMD To Launch FidelityFX Technology Later This Month
AMD is making its long-awaited FidelityFX technology available on June 22. The so-called super-sampling technology is a direct rival to Nvidia’s DLSS and it’s designed to drastically improve the performance in PC games without sacrificing the level of detail. AMD claims this technology can do
Days Gone Writer: If You Love a Game, Buy It at Full Price
John Garvin, the writer and creative director of Days Gone, has recently been a guest on a YouTube show hosted by the God of War creator David Jaffe. During the show, Garvin said that if gamers loved a game and wanted it to have a sequel, they should “buy it at f****** full price.” The statem
Are PlayStation Games Heading to Smartphones?
A job listing for Head of Mobile at PlayStation Studios has left many speculating about the company’s future plans. News about the new position suggests that PS games will soon be available on smartphones and that PlayStation wants to adapt existing game franchises for mobile, which could breathe
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