Welcome, cadet! As you know by now, the world of tech is a dangerous place. Every day, major companies and industry trend setters shower us with a mortar shell’s worth of gadgets and software leaving us collateral in their never-ending war for market share! RAM keeps getting bigger, phones keep getting smaller, but war – war never changes!

Until now.

Our elite team of battle-hardened tech veterans have joined forces to bring you cutting-edge news and the best deals anywhere. We do not leave anything to chance and neither should you, since any little tidbit in the fine print can make a difference between victory and defeat. We provide fresh intel on new tech, test high-end equipment, and provide on-site procurement of some of the most popular and beloved gadgetry.

So put on your drabs, check your gear, and join us in our campaign for the best tech out there!

The Brass

Jovan Milenkovic

Gen. Jovan Milenkovic


A tried-and-true tech ops veteran, Milenkovic spent his youth hanging around arcades and hacking his dad’s electronics. After a brief stint in the humanities, he returned to his old passion: taking gadgets apart and scouting for the most exciting high-tech developments on the planet. Apart from surfing circuits, Milenkovic enjoys fishing, music, hard sci-fi, and cyberpunk literature.

Damjan Jugovic-Spajic

Lt. Damjan Jugovic-Spajic


Writer Damjan Jugovic-Spajic is interested in cybersecurity, social and messaging apps markets, and the IT industry. A social sciences major, he tries to provide political and economic context when writing about these topics. In his spare time he likes to be both outgoing and nerdy while engaged in tech hobbies, while simultaneously trying to normalize his disrupted sleep patterns.

Ivan Stevanovic

Cpl. Ivan Stevanovic


An energetic ambivert with a passion for creative writing, music, languages, and technology, Stevanovic loves writing about tech. He’s on a constant mission to help you make the most informed choices about computers and mobile devices. In his free time, he enjoys playing and listening to music, biking, cooking, reading novels, and playing video games.

Mila Bera

Pvt. Mila Bera


A Toronto-born puppy-lover and passionate blogger, Bera cites traveling the world as her hobby and proving people wrong as her hobby. She loves reading up on the newest trends and has a passion for anything creative and trending.

Tamara Backovic

Pvt. Tamara Backovic


Private Backovic has a background in computer science, tech research, and lasagna. She started in IT, but her interests quickly dissolved into many overlapping branches spanning from technology to economics. A generalist and trend-spotter, she likes challenges.

Marko Miljkovic

Pvt. Marko Miljkovic


With a degree in transport and traffic engineering, Miljkovic is a digital marketing expert, financial enthusiast, and entrepreneur extraordinaire. He takes joy in analyzing economic trends and translating them into engaging articles. He is a fitness and nutrition expert who loves spending his free time cooking for friends, playing basketball, and playing his favorite 90s tunes.

Aleksandra Arsic

Pvt. Aleksandra Arsic


Private Arsic’s economics degree helps her understand tech’s implications for disruptions in existing infrastructures and the global economy. She can be found writing, designing, and developing articles in diverse fields and reading up on technology trends. In her free time she loves to travel, sing, play guitar, and watch movies.